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Local Police of Calvią Day (Diada)

Monday, 4th December 2017


The Local Police of Calvià celebrated its day (Diada) on 1st December with the institutional awarding medals and recognitions act, given by the Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, the Deputy Mayor for Security, Andreu Serra, and the Chief of the Calvià Local Police, Justino Trenas. The event was attended by the Regional Minister of Finance and Public Administration, Catalina Cladera.

Crosses to the police merit with white badge, for their professional career:
Inspector Jaime Jaume Marcó, and policemen Domingo Bonet, Bartolomé Horrach Lliteras, Carlos Migues Mas Cassel, Guillem Tous Salvà, Josep Lluís Pons Llull, Pedro Seguí Torres, Rafael Martín Parera, Joaquín Molina Aguado, Pau Juan Guardiola, María José Campoy Campos, Antoni Gayà Ribas, and Pedro Seguí Torres.
Crosses to the police merit with green badge:
Policeman Antonio Caballero Espejo, for his exemplary conduct throughout his professional career, excelling with notoriety and perseverance in the fulfillment of the duties under his charge.
Recognition to the lieutenant of the Civil Guard Eduardo Herrero Serrano, for his contribution to the improvement of citizen security.
Recognition to the official of the General Transport Directorate of the Balearic Government, José Luis Rodríguez Sevilla, for his notorious contribution to road safety.
Congratulations from the plenary session:
The Traffic Division, especially for its tasks in controls and neutralization of illegal transport of passengers.
In addition, 26 agents of the Local Police of Calvià this year celebrate 30 years of service in the Police, so they had a special recognition.
The mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, congratulated all the awarded people in their many years of service, and made a public recognition of the police actions carried out in a season with a high occupation and tourist activity, and a high number of requirements. For this reason, he made a special mention to the work of the Night Unit, the Traffic Division - which has been distinguished in the Plenary -, and the new VioGen Unit, for the work profile they carry out.
Also, the mayor has seen how the citizens of Calvià recognize the activity of the Local Police, which is proving to be closer, more present and more decisive. In this sense, he has encouraged them to face the challenge they have in 2018 with the deployment of the Community Police and has asked them for an effort of proximity and closeness to their neighbours.
On his behalf, the deputy mayor of Security, Andreu Serra, has highlighted the important work and coordination with the Civil Guard, especially with the Civil Guard in Palmanova, and that has paid off with major operations. He also stressed that the Local Police of Calvià has its main asset in each and every one of its great professionals who daily show that we have the best police, the most professional and well trained.
The head of the Local Police, Justino Trenas, has made special mention of the start-up and strengthening of the Traffic Division, which is one of the own and exclusive powers of the Local Police in the urban centres. It is also the first year of application of the Coexistence Ordinance of Calvià, which has provided the Local Police with more effective tools to combat uncivil behaviour. All this, along with many other tasks, is carried out with a philosophy that is being implemented throughout the body: proximity and accessibility, to integrate into the social fabric of the community and direct the main activity towards the prevention and anticipation of conflicts that affect security and coexistence. However, this model of police that is being implemented does not leave aside one of its basic pillars: the reactive function at the request of citizens through 112 or 092.

On the other hand, he has detailed the results of the activity carried out this year:
The Traffic Division has carried out 148 checks on 6,478 vehicles and 438 complaints have been filed for infractions.
In total, 517 blood alcohol tests have been conducted and 108 drivers have been reported for driving with alcohol rates higher than those allowed.
The Division of Attestations has instructed diligences for 875 accidents, with a result of 4 deaths, 18 seriously injured and 157 minor injuries.
The Division of Gender Violence (Viogen) has carried out 280 visits and interviews, and an average of 30 women with protection orders supervised each month.
The Activities Division has responded to 181 reports of excessive noise, 18 acoustic evaluation technical reports have been made, 142 inspections of activities have been carried out and 418 reports have been issued.
The operators of the Central Radio of the Local Police of Calvià attend and manage annually around 20,000 requirements and incidents.
In emergency codes, the average response time is 5'30 ".
Finally, he highlighted the important work and excellent work done by the inspectors and all the components of the different units and sections of the Local Police, as well as the close collaboration with the Civil Guard of Calvià.