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Campaign to promote security in shops


 Tuesday 23rd January 2018



Today the first visits to establishments in the Son Ferrer and Palmanova areas have begun to inform the merchants about the initiative

The Local Police of Calvià has started this morning a tour around Calvià to inform of the campaign to promote safety measures in the shops of the municipality. Four agents are visiting the establishments opened in the low season in Son Ferrer and Palmanova. The campaign will then be publicised in the traditional areas of Calvià and Es Capdellà, and in the Peguera area. The Local Police of the municipality foresees to have attended in two months all the shops opened in the low season.

The Calvià agents inform of the need to take security measures to preserve their stores and their contents. For this, they deliver a brochure published by the Calvià Town Hall explaining the guidelines to be adopted in the establishment, in terms of security systems, the telematic payments and cash. In addition, there are some indications of what to do with a possible criminal and the steps to take before a criminal act.

On the other hand, this visit to the stores of Calvià allows to carry out an updated census of the establishments that count on a system capable of emitting acoustic signals to the exterior. With the appropriate municipal registry and the contact telephone number, the location and the contact persons to turn to, for any circumstance, is established in case the alarm is triggered.

The Community Division of the Local Police of Calvià has begun the informative campaign in the low season, in order to advance work and be able to reach all the establishments of the municipality as soon as possible. Most of the establishments consulted have suffered robberies or attempted robberies. The areas of Magaluf and Santa Ponça are the most affected by this type of fault during the high summer season. The shops in which they usually commit more subtractions are the small establishments without security systems or in supermarkets. The most common stolen products are small-size and great value products, such as mobiles, perfumes or gourmet food.

The most common formulas of theft are taking advantage of the carelessness or confusion of the shop assistants, the use of containers lined with aluminum foil to avoid alarms, and change packaging or prices, amongst others.