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84 sacks of debris found in Cala Falcó

 Friday 3rd February 2018



The authors have been identified and face the payment of a fine of up to € 45,000 for serious infringement

The Local Police of Calvià has drawn up a report for the dumping of 84 sacks of debris, with the inscription of Bricomart, which have been deposited in an environmentally sensitive area, near the road leading to the Casino de Mallorca, in the area of Cala Falcó. This is a protected natural space according to the Insular Territorial Plan of the Consell de Mallorca. In addition, it must be borne in mind that it is one of the few areas of the coast where the natural character is maintained and that in the revision of the General Urban Planning of Calvià, the protection of this coastal area with no urban development is also foreseen. 

The location of the debris dump has been carried out thanks to the alert of a citizen who informed the Local Police of Calvià and who could also identify the licence plate of the van where the material was transported. Two days later, the agents personally observed the dumping of more debris, and identified the alleged offender, who claimed to be unaware of the waste regulations, and could not provide any documentation regarding the works licence. The Local Police of Calvià has tranferred this circumstance to the Town Hall so that the disciplinary proceedings can be investigated for carrying out works without a licence.

The agents then located the origin of the debris, which belong to a comprehensive rehabilitation work in a 40 m2 apartment of the Cas Rey Don Jaime building, where they were performing tasks to bring down the partition walls of the building. The sacks of the apartment coincide with those deposited in the green zone, and all contain remains of the works, such as colored tiles and sandstone bricks.

Despite the fact that the person who made the dumping has been identified and has committed to removing the sacks and cleaning the space, as responsible for the works, he faces a fine of up to € 45,000 according to the Municipal Ordinance for the collection of municipal waste and cleaning of public spaces of 22nd April 2014. 

The Town Hall will now have to assess the damage caused, the impact of pollution, the degree of intentionality or culpability, the cost of the restitution and the adoption of corrective measures by the offender prior to the initiation of the disciplinary proceedings, the concurrence of aggravating or mitigating circumstances of administrative responsibility, the social alteration caused by the infraction as well as the effect that it produces on the coexistence of the persons in the cases of neighborly relations, amongst other aspects. If the serious or very serious sanction is considered, the offender will be fined as defined in art. 51 and 52 of Law 22/2011, of 28th July, on Contaminated Waste and Soils, or provisions that replace it.

More info: Municipal waste ordinance