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World Environment Day


 Tuesday 5th June 2018

School Forum on World Environment Day

Today, coinciding with World Environment Day, one of the actions scheduled has taken place, the celebration of the School Forum. This is an activity promoted by the Department of Natural and Urban Environment of Calvià Town Hall, which closes the programme that has been carried out during the courses 2016-2017 and 2017-2018, in which the students in the third cycle of primary school of four schools in the municipality have carried out environmental awareness workshops and have developed an action plan for the environmental improvement of their respective schools, within the framework of the Agenda Local 21 escolar (School Local Agenda 21).

The participating centres and the projects they have developed are: CEIP ses Quarterades, Ses Quarterades que m'agraden; CEIP Xaloc, Euronet 50/50; CEIP Jaume I, Milloram el nostre centre, and CEIP Puig de sa Ginesta, Olors de colors.

The Forum has been organised in two parts. First, there has been a presentation carried out by the students about the project they have developed over these two years and after a gymkhana has been done by teams on the life of a peasant. 

The event took place in the public municipal estate of Galatzó where the deputy mayor of Urbanism, Commerce, Citizen Participation and Youth, Marcos Pecos, and the councillor for Trade, Natural and Urban Environment and Heritage, Francisca Muñoz, welcomed the students.