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Improvements in the urban and coastal environment


 Thursday 21st June 2018

Mayor's visit to the urban and coastal environment improvements of Costa de la Calma, Peguera and Palmanova

Within the framework of the walking and coastal paths improvement projects, one of the planned actions has been completed: the improvement of the coastal path located at the Costa de la Calma, between Cala Blanca and the Monte de Oro beaches (from about 390 m long), which is intended to make better use of this public space by both residents and visitors. With the works carried out, this stretch of coast has gone from being a stony road to a comfortable, accessible and integrated in the environment path, which allows enjoying a coastal walk of high natural and landscape value, with ground lighting. 

Another of the works completed has been Tarongers St. in Peguera (parallel to the boulevard), in which an intervention to improve traffic, especially of pedestrians, leveling the sidewalk and the road for greater accessibility for people with reduced mobility and baby prams has been carried out. Likewise, lighting and trees have been improved, as well as rainwater collection, and electricity and telephony networks have been buried. 

Also in Peguera, the new green area of Salvador Espriu St. is already open, in which a rest area and a playground has been enabled, with different games for children from 2 to 5 years, and another for children under 5 to 12 years. It has a rubber floor, protected by a low wall and with light beacons embedded in the wall and a lighting tower for the games area.

On the other hand, a new children's game, a pirate ship, has been installed at the es Carregador beach in Palmanova, which replaces the one that had been installed, and the ground has been covered with a rubber pavement, in addition to delimiting the area with a methacrylate rail, as a security element to prevent minors from having direct access to the road. 

The mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, has visited these works together with the councillors of the respective areas, M. Carmen Iglesias (Costa de la Calma), Juan Cuadros (Peguera) and Francisca Muñoz (Palmanova), to check their completion and see that they respond to the goal of improving the quality of urban and coastal spaces for the residents and visitors enjoyment.