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Signing for the construction of the new CEPA


 Tuesday 26th June 2018


Both, the Town Hall and the Regional Government respond this way to the commitment they acquired to solve the current space problems

The mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, and the Regional Minister for Education and University, Martí March, have signed a collaboration agreement for the financing and execution of the construction works of the new Adult Education Centre (CEPA) in the municipality of Calvià, in municipal public lands located in Magaluf. The initiative responds to the commitment of both administrations, Town Hall and Regional Government, to improve the educational infrastructure of the municipality and to respond to the current space problems.

The mayor has pointed out the importance of this agreement for Calvià and has thanked the sensitivity and involvement of the Regional Ministry to understand the need to build new facilities that, in addition to allowing pedagogical action, he said, make the CEPA a hub of education and a window of opportunities. 

The project will have a budget of 3,700,000 euros, which the Calvià Town Hall will put out to tender, of which 2,800,000 will be contributed by the Regional Ministry and the rest (900,000 euros), by the Town Hall, which also provides the land where the new CEPA will be built. The project involves the construction of 2,338 m2, with 11 classrooms, 4 workshops, 1 library, 1 computer room, 1 laboratory, 5 offices, 1 archive, 6 departments and 1 staff room.

The agreement signing event was also attended by the deputy mayor for Social Cohesion and Equality, responsible for Education in the municipality, Nati Francés, as well as other members of the consistory. On behalf of the Regional Ministry for Education and University, the event was attended by the general director of Academic Planning and Centres, Antoni Morante, and the general director of Vocational and Teacher Training, Maria Alorda. In addition, other representatives of CEPA Calvià have attended the event. 

CEPA Calvià, more than 30 years educating in the municipality

The Adult Education Centre of Calvià began its activity more than 30 years ago, in 1986. The CEPA of the municipality was pioneer in offering the modality of Blended Secondary Education for Adults (ESPA) based on individualised attention, and it was also the first CEPA to offer a Vocational Training Course.

At the beginning of its existence, the courses were offered in classrooms of premises lent by hotels. As the municipality began to have more educational and leisure infrastructures, the Centre used spaces in schools, cultural centres and libraries. Finally, it moved to a building in Magaluf, where it is currently located, on Sa Porrassa Avenue, complemented by another nearby building, the old pre education school in Magaluf.

The CEPA Calvià has a wide educational offer, from literacy groups to training courses, through preparation groups for university entrance exams, language courses, etc.

The geographic scope of CEPA Calvià is also very wide: it includes all the areas of the municipality and the entire area of Andratx (s'Arracó, Andratx, Port d'Andratx).

Currently, it has around 900 students of 51 different nationalities, half of whom attend regulated studies. More than double of people enrolled are women.

The new CEPA will be built on the municipal lands bordering Góngora and Galió streets.