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Odour solutions of the composting plant

Thursday, 13th September 2018


Joan Lladó, waste insular director at Council of Mallorca, informs the government team of Calvià Town Hall of his decision to take most of the sewage sludge to Palma.

Joan Lladó,waste insular director at the Consell de Mallorca (Council of Mallorca), has informed the government team of the Ajuntament de Calvià that most of the sludge that is treated in the composting plant of Costa de la Calma, causing odours that cause neighbours complaints, will be treated at the Palma plant when the remodeling of these facilities is completed, around April 2019.

The announcement was made in a meeting that took place in the Calvià Town Hall, with Andreu Serra, first deputy mayor and president of Calvià 2000; Paquita Muñoz, councillor for Natural and Urban Environment; Olga Granados, councillor for Costa de la Calma; Sonia Moragues, manageress of Calvià 2000, and environmental technicians of the two institutions.

The reason for the meeting was to address the solution to the smells emanating from the composting plant located in Costa de la Calma, owned by the Council of Mallorca and managed by Tirme, which are causing neighbours' complaints in the area. In 2015, this centre stopped processing organic waste to treat sewage sludge, whose volume has been growing since then. In addition, the smells have intensified with the rain this summer.

After several previous meetings with the Council of Mallorca, Lladó has informed that Tirme is remodelling its FORM treatment plant in Palma. These works will allow this centre to double its capacity and take on the waste that is now managed by the Costa de la Calma treatment plant.

In 2019, the Calvià plant will become residual, although the construction of a new plant in 2023 for the treatment of organic matter generated in Calvià is included in the Sectoral Waste Management Plan. These facilities will have deodorisation systems and will allow the treatment of the raw material in origin, reducing the treatment costs for the Calvià Town Hall.