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Agreement to end party boats

 Friday 5th October 2018


The agreement establishes a mutual commitment for the maintenance of the pier where the boats dock

The mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, and the president of the Employers' Association of Maritime Activities of the Balearic Islands (APEAM), Miguel Puigserver, signed a collaboration agreement this morning in the Town Hall to regulate the use of the Magaluf jetty by part of six companies: four from Palma and two from Calvià, which are associated with APEAM and which operate ten boats that offer routes along the Calvià coast. Mayor Rodríguez Badal has highlighted the importance of the agreement since the Calvià Town Hall puts all its efforts in eliminating the inconvenience caused by party boats to neighbours and visitors, and wants to improve Magaluf as a quality tourist destination. In the same line, the president of APEAM has highlighted the measure as an exemplary model that he believes should also be carried out at other docking points in the Balearic Islands.

The final objective of the agreement of occupation and use of the Magaluf dock is that party boats are not organised, parties that are characterised by a tourism of excesses, with all-inclusive offers and promotions that encourage drunkenness, as well as high music, and games of sexual content that denigrate the moral integrity of participants and that damage the tourist image of Calvià. 

The agreement signed today also includes a maintenance agreement for the Magaluf jetty. APEAM will be in charge of the iron elements, wood, railings and pavement of the jetty. The Calvià Town Hall, on the other hand, has installed a controlled access door and will improve the culvert, the spillway through which the Magaluf rainwater drains. In the event that an agent of the Local Police of Calvià sees that a boat company breaches the agreement, it will be denied the key to access the Magaluf dock. That is, it will be excluded from the agreement and will lose the authorisation to board or disembark in Magaluf. The tourist season of maritime excursions ends this month of October and it is expected that they start again in a staggered way in March 2019.

The use of the jetty of Magaluf is not exclusive of APEAM, also other companies can request authorisation to the Demarcación de Costas and to the Calvià Town Hall. Likewise, they must comply with the same premises established in this agreement that has a validity of four years. In this way, the Calvià Town Hall goes forward in the regulation of party boats in the exercise of its municipal powers.