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'Calvią smart tourist destination' project


Thursday 11th October 2018


The Smart Tourist and Municipal Observatory will be created and 14 specific actions implemented

Today, the mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, has gone to the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism to formalise the signing by which the municipality adheres to the Smart Tourist Destinations Network (
www.destinosinteligentes.es). The event was attended by the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, María Reyes Maroto, and the Secretary of State for Tourism, Bel Oliver. In total, this network is made up of 68 tourist destinations distributed throughout the Spanish geography. Administrations such as city halls, regional ministries, town halls and provincial councils will take part, and they will work together to promote inter-territorial collaboration in order to maintain the leadership position. Of all these administrations, 24 receive some type of subsidy that Red.es granted last September. The beneficiaries of this call in the Balearic Islands are the Calvià Town Hall and the Consell d'Eivissa.

In addition, Calvià is one of the town halls participating in the call of the National Plan of Smart Territories of the Digital Agenda for Spain, Smart Tourist Destinations. The Calvià Town Hall's project has received the second highest evaluation from the Evaluation Commission and is one of the chosen by Red.es of the Ministry of Economy and Business to receive aid.

The Smart Tourist Destinations Network allows the technical advice of Segittur (www.segittur.es, the Spanish state company dedicated to the management of innovation and tourism technologies) for the decision-making, contracting and management of the planned initiatives. In addition, it is a good practices forum in which to share the results of the initiatives developed in other destinations. 

Calvià Smart Tourist Destination includes amongst its actions, and as its main objective, the launching of a Smart Tourist and Municipal Observatory, with the implementation of a platform for the management of the data collected by the different technological means and the possibility of creating a Big Data model that provides information to improve the tourist and citizens' experience and the improvement of energy and environmental sustainability. Thanks to the collection of these data, the platform will facilitate the decision-making in the different areas of municipal influence.

Smart Tourism Offices of Calvià

Within the framework of this objective, and based on the premise that the information generated by visitors or tourists is vital for the different tourist actors to obtain the necessary
feedback to improve the services, they are committed to the creation of the Smart Tourist Office as a receiving agent.

In this field, actions are envisaged in all the Tourism Municipal Offices of Calvià (OMIT) such as the installation of informative screens, videowall, digital supports to be able to carry out digital postcards and "account people" sensors that will allow, instantly, to obtain the quantification of the physical visits in the OMIT. 

In total, there are 14 specific actions that will be carried out. In addition to the OMITs actions, Mupis-Totems will be placed in each of the most important seafront promenades in the municipality that have access to beaches, in which both the visitor and the resident will obtain information regarding the essential municipal or public services, as well as tourist relevant information. It also includes the installation, in these same areas, of charging stations for smartphones in which, in addition, there will be a touch screen with the application that provides information about the municipality and allows the fullfilment of certain telematic procedures, while the mobile device is charging. 

Innovation at the service of the Environment

In the environmental field, several actions are envisaged:

-Smart buoys on the 7 beaches with greater affluence, which will offer information on different parametres of the quality of bathing waters, integrating this information in the Smart platform so that it can be transferred to the Mupis-Totems of each beach as well as to the tourist application
VISITCALVIA www.visitcalvia.com

-Video surveillance cameras for the fight against illegal dumping in 20 strategic points of the municipality.

-Installation of 60 acoustic sensors in different areas of the municipality, especially in the tourist areas, to obtain an online map that allows to know the decibel level existing in each of the areas and to be able to determine possible acoustic contamination areas.

Other actions

The 'Calvià Smart Tourist Destination' project also includes two initiatives related to traffic and the creation of an app to manage the rental of hammocks and sunshades on the beaches of the municipal concession through VISITCALVIA.