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Local Safety Board Meeting


 Friday 9th November 2018



Civil Guard and Local Police of Calvià work intensively for the safety of women who suffer gender violence in the municipality

 The mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, and the Government delegate, Rosario Sánchez Grau, have highlighted at the Local Safety Board meeting that the stocktaking during the high season has been moderately positive, since there has been a 25% decrease in crimes, especially those related to robberies on people. Specifically, serious crimes have fallen by 32% and minor offenses by 28%. It should be noted that the Local Police of Calvià has filed a total of 1,700 complaints for uncivil behaviour and 2,600 regarding street vending. In addition, local officers have intervened in more than a thousand situations of fights or aggressions. With regards to robberies in houses in El Toro, the Civil Guard has arrested several people related to these events. Meanwhile, the Local Police have actively collaborated and decided to increase the visibility of the police presence in this area.

The only indicator that is increasing is the one related to crimes against people, basically women, half of them foreigners. In this sense, the Calvià police staff is increasingly watching over more women victims of gender violence. They are currently monitoring 97 cases of women who have reported and are at low risk. It is expected that during November a new coordination meeting will be held between the security forces on the actions to be carried out on the subject of gender violence.

In reference to Magaluf, it has been agreed to continue working on the prevention of possible new balcony falls with close collaboration of hoteliers in the area. In addition, the actions taken against the harassment of some individuals against women who were engaged in street prostitution are also relevant in this area, and the work that is being carried out with entities such as Casal Petit, Médicos del Mundo or Creu Roja has been highlighted. 

The coordinated task of the Local Police of Calvià and Civil Guard has been very effective in the security of specific events, such as the World Cup matches, or events with the participation of prominent authorities, such as the Smart Island. From the Government Delegation it has been suggested that next season there will be mixed patrols of civil guards and Irish, German or French officers. Nevertheless, the Town Hall has reiterated the need to have more Civil Guard forces in Calvià during the Summer season and that these reinforcements come in May, since in recent years it seems that the tourism of excesses is ahead. 

The Local Safety Board meeting was also attended by the deputy mayor for General Services and Security of the Town Hall, Andreu Serra; the general secretary of the Government Delegation, Ramón Morey; the general director of Emergencies of the Government of the Balearic Islands, Pere Perelló; the head of the Local Police of Calvià, Justino Trenas; the Local Police inspector, Antonio Pascual; the lieutenant colonel of the Civil Guard, Antonio Orantos; and the commander of the main post of Calvià, Eduardo Herrero, amongst others.