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Beach improvements for the 2019 season


Tuesday 13th November 2018


Several municipal departments explained the improvements planned in their meeting with the Calvià beach concessionaires.

The 2018 season is characterised by an increase in mechanical cleaning and selective collection on beaches, fewer complaints and a greater volume of treated water.

 The 2019 beach season in the municipality of Calvià will add improvements for people with reduced mobility -more shaded areas and new chairs-, new beach information posters -'Q' for quality and blue flag- and a new water sanitation system with quick response in 10 hours, which will allow quick decision making. These novelties were communicated to the beach concessionaires in the meeting held with the Calvià Town Hall and the municipal company Calvià 2000 officers.

Andreu Serra, first deputy mayor and president of Calvià 2000, thanked the businesspeople and municipal officers for the work done during the last 2018 season, an effort that has allowed "to maintain the quality standard of our beaches." Together with Serra, Local Police, Tourism, Maintenance, Coastline and Calvià 2000 officers, took stock of the season and analysed the key issues for the next one. 

With regards to beach safety, attendees at the meeting verified the proper functioning of the first aid and maritime rescue, which motivated the congratulations on the part of the 'Q' and blue flags auditors, and an optimal control by the Police officers assigned to the beaches, who doubled the number of reports open to masseurs and the number of street vending reports increased.

Improvement of the Magaluf dock

Regarding the infrastructures maintenance tasks, the decrease in the number of calls due to incidents (damage to showers or walkways, amongst others) was put on the table, and the main work for the 2019 season, the modification of the Magaluf dock, which already has a project and will facilitate the cleaning of the culvert of this beach and will minimise the smell caused habitually by the posidonia accumulated with the storms, was highlighted.

The department of the municipal company Calvià 2000 in charge of the street cleaning and waste collection, highlighted a 55% reduction in the number of complaints compared to last year, and an increase in selective collection on beaches, having installed up to 132 points with differentiated bins. In addition, 28% more mechanical cleaning actions have been carried out on those beaches without a concessionaire.

Excellent water quality parametres

Regarding the stocktaking of water treatment and sanitary control of bathing water, tasks also developed by Calvià 2000, there was 10% decrease in claims, on the one hand, and a (1.6%) increase in volume of purified water in the municipality, increasing by 67,569 m3 between April and September, maintaining excellent water quality parametres.

Regarding the sanitary control of bathing water, the laboratory of Calvià 2000 analysed, this year, 2.900 parametres in 87 sampling points of the different beaches of the municipality, which represents a much higher follow-up than the minimum required by law as a preventive measure. This department will launch an analytical control system for bathing water for the 2019 season that will offer partial results in 10 hours and definitive results in 18 hours, allowing the quick decision making in the event of incidents in bathing areas.