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Sanitation, sewage and impulsion improvements


 Wednesday 21st November 2018


With the end of the tourist season, the "improvement works season" begins. It is the ideal time to update the sanitation, sewage and wastewater impulsion infrastructure of the municipality, tasks that the Calvià Town Hall has entrusted to Calvià 2000.

 There is the circumstance that, with the lengthening of the tourist season, the time available for improvement works is decreasing, so the work coordination and the speed of implementation is increasingly important.



1.8 M euros to replace impulse pipelines

The Santa Ponça works, which started at the beginning of the year, by which the impulsion pipes of the Santa Ponça 1 and 2 wastewater pumping stations are being replaced, were restarted last week.

These works will last until the end of March, with the current occupation and traffic cut in a section of the Gran Vía Puig Major and, later, in part of the Avinguda Rei Jaume I roundabout with Via Bartomeu Rosselló Planas and Plaça Jardí.

Prior to this work, the two main pumping stations of Santa Ponça boosted their flows directly to the Santa Ponça wastewater treatment plant through two fragile, independent pipelines that had been in service for more than 30 years and had suffered several serious breakdowns. The impossibility of using channeling indistinctly, as well as its structural problems, had caused loss of service, ground collapses and environmental effects due to accidental spills, such as those that occurred in the summer of 2016 and forced the closure of the beach in August.

With the work of replacing the pipes and the interconnection between them, these problems have been put to an end by the installation of new large-diametre cast iron pipes that replace the old fibre cement ones.

The implementation of the work has been carried out in sections, in order to minimise the occupation and cause the least interference to vehicles, neighbours and service, and involves an investment of 1.8 million euros.

 370,000 euros to renovate the sewage system

Regarding the sewage system renovation, for which 370,000 euros will be allocated, the objective is to increase the capacity of networks that are already obsolete, ensure their sealing and minimise blockages. Son Ferrer has been the first area in which these works have been addressed, which will last until this week. Both streets, first Perdiu St. and then Bruixa St. have been occupied.

The renovation of 450 metres of sewage from Torrenova St., in Magaluf, has also begun, reason why it occupies this street until mid-January. Other areas in which the replacement of sanitation networks are planned this winter are Punta Ballena, Pinada, Pinzones (Cala Vinyes) and Dragonera (Peguera).

In addition, when the authorisation arrives from the Roads Department of the Consell de Mallorca, the renewal of a stretch of the sewer network in Avinguda Capdellà and Avinguda de Palma, in Calvià Village, places where there have been blockages this summer, will begin.