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Local Police of Calvią Day


 Monday 3rd December 2018


The Local Police of Calvià has celebrated its Day with the institutional medal and recognition awarding event, given by the mayor Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, the deputy mayor of Security, Andreu Serra, and the head of the Local Police of Calvià, Justino Trenas. The event was attended by the Regional Minister of Finance and Public Administration, Catalina Cladera.

Crosses with white badge to the police merit:

Jaume Balaguer Covas, for the IES Calvià security and coexistence improvement; Jaime Barceló, former head of the Civil Guard in the Balearic Islands; Sebastián Darder Torquemada, for his notorious contribution to the security and coexistence improvement in the tourist destinations of Palmanova and Magaluf; and the doctor Juan José Segura Sampedro, for his outstanding contribution to improving the safety of our visitors. From the police, the sub-inspector Manuel Pedraza Alfaro, the officer Miguel Pallicer Moreno, and the policemen Antonio Soler Obrador, Joaquín Molina Cobo and Juan Manuel Moreno Morente have also received this distinction for their professional career.

Crosses with green badge to the police merit:

Sub-inspector Antonio Figuerola Rivadeneira, officer Juan Pablo Sanllehí Taayke and policeman Miguel Núñez Gómez for their intervention in the rescue of a person falling into the sea. The policemen Pedro Enric Caro Cronvall, Fernando Crippa Molina, Kuros Makhani Farahani, and Antonio Santos Pérez, for their intervention in the rescue of several people trapped in a fire. The official Miguel Ángel Nadal Cervantes for his professionalism and leadership in the implementation of new projects to improve the service quality.

Congratulations from the mayor's office:

To Aike Nweke, for his help to the emergency services in the fire of the Prolar building in Illetes on 28th April; the policemen Juan Borrás Soler and Javier Pizá Lucena for the intervention in the arrest of a murderer; the policewoman Maria del Pilar Aceitón Montenegro for performing a CPR on a person in serious danger; and to the Reports Division, for their dedication and compliance with the set objectives.

Congratulations from the Plenary for their dedication to the citizenship and for complying with the objectives assigned:

Group of civil operators of the Local Police

Night Division

Local Police Administrative Unit

The mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, congratulated all the distinguished people and made public recognition of the police actions carried out in a season with a high occupation and tourist activity, and a high number of requirements. For this reason, he has made a special mention to the work of the entire Local Police of Calvià, with his boss, Justino Trenas, at the helm.

The mayor also noted that both, the citizens and the people who visit Calvià throughout the year, perceive the municipality as a safe place, despite its complexity and the increase in population by up to five fold in the high season.

On his behalf, the deputy mayor for Security, Andreu Serra, stressed that the Local Police of Calvià has its main asset in the commitment, public service and professionalism.

The head of the Local Police, Justino Trenas, has made special mention of the job consolidation process that will put an end to the high interim index of the Local Police force of Calvià and the regulation of early retirement by the local police that seems will be materialised at the beginning of next year. In addition, he has taken stock of the summer season from the security point of view and highlighted that the data handled by the Ministry of the Interior regarding crime amount to 25% the decrease in crime compared to the previous season.

One of the main security challenges carried out was the joint security device established on the occasion of the World Football Cup, which resulted in zero incidents and which was a sample of the excellent degree of coordination existing between the Local Police and the Civil Guard. However, Trenas recalled that the local administration of Calvià continues working on the reversion of the "drunkenness or excesses tourism" model towards a higher quality model, in which uncivic behaviours and leisure associated with the aggressive offer and mass consumption of alcohol are eradicated.

 Results of the activity developed this year

The Local Police has filed so far this year, 4,389 complaints for violations of the Coexistence Ordinance, of which 1,763 were directly related to hooliganism, representing an increase of more than 10% compared to those filed in the same period of the previous year.

They have intervened in 1,005 requirements for assaults and fights, and in 1,225 requirements for medical emergencies in the public ways.

A total of 203 arrests have been made, which represents an increase of more than 15% over the same period of the previous year being the crimes against property with 47 arrests, followed by crimes against public health with 41 arrests, the main causes of detention. Also significant is the figure of 30 detainees for gender violence.

There have been 41 complaints filed for breaches of regulations related to the advertising and sale of alcohol.
They have intervened in 785 traffic accidents, representing a decrease of more than 6% in the number of accidents compared to the same period of the previous year.
A total of 238 traffic controls were carried out, about 60% more than in the same period of the previous year: 69 for alcohol and drugs, 5 for school transport, 108 for speed, 24 for seat belts and child restraint systems and 32 on vehicle conditions.

The Local Police chief concluded his speech with a recognition to the more than 40 agents of the Local Police of Calvià who, benevolently and out of their working time, helped the population of Sant Llorenç in the days following the severe floods.