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IFOC's Professional Qualification Courses


Monday 3rd December 2018


Since 2015, the Calvià Town Hall has managed 8 projects aimed at people under 21 years of age without ESO qualification, with a total of 400,000 euros in subsidies from the Conselleria d'Educació

Thirty young people are trained in Calvià in vehicle electromechanics maintenance and hairdressing, within the framework of the initial professional qualification courses. These 2 programmes, subsidised with a total of 100,000 euros, allow these young people between 16 and 21, who do not have the ESO (Obligatory Secondary Education) degree, to train in a profession.

The training has a duration of 1000 hours and combines a professionalism certificate (theoretical and practical training related to the profession chosen) and a part of basic skills, equivalent to 1st and 2nd of ESO, as well as occupational risks prevention and continued individual and group tutorials, all through a practical teaching methodology, adapted to the reality of this group and closely related to the requirements of the labour market.

The mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, and the deputy mayor for Social Cohesion and Equality, Nati Francés, have visited the facilities of the Institut de Formació i Ocupació de Calvià (IFOC) in Son Ferrer, which host these programmes. Since 2015, the Calvià Town Hall has managed 8 projects, financed by the Regional Ministry of Education and University of the Balearic Islands, which has meant obtaining grants worth 400,000 euros.

During the visit, the teaching team explained the content of the programmes carried out in these facilities and the students showed their progress. The purpose of these courses is the promotion of active employment policies, favouring initial vocational training and improving the employability of people in the municipality who present situations of greater vulnerability.

The IFOC's facilities in Son Ferrer have also had investments amounting to 120,000 euros in infrastructure, equipment and material, amongst which are two new classrooms and new furniture for the mechanics classroom, as well as the creation of two new classrooms, hairdressing and computing, the adaptation to people with reduced mobility, and a new computer equipment and communications in all didactic spaces.