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Warning due to fake gas inspectors


Wednesday 12th December 2018



Several neighbours have informed the police agents about the presence of alleged gas inspectors without company clothing or accreditation

The Local Police of Calvià has intervened in several private conflicts at the request of Calvià residents for the presence of men who pretend to be gas inspectors in establishments or houses in Palmanova and Calvià village. In one of the cases, an individual was reported as a gas inspector who fled in a grey Peugeot 208. The Calvià people have suspicions because the supposed technicians neither wear the company uniform nor present any type of documentation proving their status as gas inspector.

Given this fact, by the way very usual when the winter season starts, local police officers have carried out surveillance tasks to try to dissuade and/or identify potential fraudsters, although it has not been possible to locate any of them for the time being.

It should be recalled that the inspection of both butane and natural gas installations is every five years. It is recommended to be suspicious of unexpected visits and to ask for the official professional natural or butane gas inspector licence. Should the inspection be carried out, it must be expressly requested to specialised centres. In fact, if it has not been requested it is recommended to not even open the home door.

In addition, companies must have fixed rates for the services they offer. The flexible butane gas tube has to be changed when it expires and the regulator when it breaks. When the installer has done the inspection, a certificate has to be handed out to the owner. The periodic inspection must be paid instantly.