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IFOC's new web portal: Employment Agency


 Friday 11th January 2019


You will be able to make online appointments, register Curriculum Vitaes or search for qualified personnel

The Training and Employment Institute of Calvià (IFOC) launches its new employment web portal, on Monday 14th January, which allows online management to companies and jobseekers, from their home or business, the 24 hours of the day and the 365 days of the year. Throughout 2018, the IFOC has worked on the launch of this online employment, training and entrepreneurship platform, which is an innovative experience in this municipality.

This new application has arisen from the desire to facilitate these procedures given the characteristics of a municipality such as Calvià: broad, diverse and with different population centres. Thus, it is intended to bring the IFOC to all people or companies residing in the municipality, so that they can carry out any related management to cover their employment, work, training and entrepreneurship needs from their home or office, at any time of the day, only with a computer connected to Internet.

Therefore, just clicking on the web page: gestionandote.com/agencia/ifoc, a wide range of utilities, with an easy and intuitive software will open for the end user.

Utilities for jobseekers or employment improvement

The system will provide a username and a password and with a minimum time investment, which will allow to: register a Curriculum Vitae, check, modify and print this document provided by the system as many times as needed; update the CV and labour demand as many times as necessary; request an online appointment to have an interview with an employment consultant, and opt for all job offers, both those managed by the IFOC, and those managed by more than 240 employment agencies throughout Spain, this means an average of more than 3,000 national job offers published daily.

Finally, this application will manage everything related to the 2nd Job and Entrepreneurship Fair, which will be held next March 2019, participating in the selection interviews with just one click.

Utilities for companies and entrepreneurs

In less than 5 minutes, the company will be able to register itself and make a search request for qualified personnel. The system will give you a username and password, and from that moment the IFOC staff will send you, through the same platform, all the CVs of the candidates with the appropriate profile and interest. With a single click, you can see both the candidates submitted and the history of all selection processes made after 2019.

The platform will allow a company to participate in the 2nd Job Fair in March 2019, requesting a stand, publishing the offers and vacant posts, and checking on-site the CVs of the people to interview without the need for additional paperwork.

Utilities for people who want to be trained

Without having to obtain a username and password, just by filling out a short form, you can also register for any course managed by the IFOC. The system will inform via email or sms of the status of your registration. The user will also be able to see the history of courses conducted with the IFOC, and the same system, will automatically put those courses into the respective curriculum without the need to update them.

The IFOC has prepared an operational system that will help any person or company whatever their level of information technology, so that they do not have difficulties when carrying out any procedure.

More information: gestionandote.com/agencia/ifoc or calling the IFOC at 971 13 46 13