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Calvią police joins the #pelsvalents campaign


 Monday 14th January 2019



The Local Police of Calvià has joined the campaign to finance child cancer research in the only hospital that will be built in Spain dedicated exclusively to pediatric oncology. Through the sale of shields of the Local Police of Calvià with the hashtag #pelsvalents, which refers to the process by which the children suffering from the disease have to pass, the initiative is made public and an economic contribution is made. The campaign in Calvià has been launched this month by a group of police officers.

Shield-stickers for the price of 4 euros, 3 of which are for research and the remaining euro is to pay the cost of the production, are for sale at the Local Police of Calvià premises located at the Son Bugadelles industrial estate. In Mallorca, the municipality of Alcudia has also joined the initiative. However, the Balearic town pioneer in participating in this campaign was Sant Josep (Eivissa), whose police officers have already managed to sell more than two thousand shields amongst people in solidarity with the project.

In Spain, there are 145 police forces that have joined the campaign and that now have collected 168 thousand euros. The dissemination is carried out by the police officers - especially tutor police officers -, as well as through specific campaigns or social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also make donations at www.paralosvalientes.com, like the one made by the Leo Messi Foundation with 1.5 million euros.

This financing formula in Spain was promoted from Catalonia and has managed to raise 30 million euros to build a hospital of reference in Europe whose name is SJD (Sant Joan de Déu) Pediatric Cancer Center Barcelona. The police shield, with motto/hashtag #pelsvalents, initiative to contribute to the financing was launched last year at the initiative of the Catalan inspector Albert Brunet, fond of shields and who decided to make a design so that children could stick them by ironing them to their jackets or backpacks.

This type of campaign emerges from a US collaboration model to raise funds and build hospitals against childhood cancer, in which the New York police participates in an altruistic manner.

The private centre in Spain will attend minors with cancer of all the Spanish autonomous communities for free. In addition, it will concentrate efforts on pediatric oncology research.