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Pavement works on Magaluf athletics track


Friday 18th January 2019


The works will begin next Monday 21st January and will continue for 8 weeks.

A state-of-the-art surface adapted for competition and training will be installed

 The Magaluf Athletics Track pavement replacement works will begin on 21st January. These works will enable the sport facility to have a new sate-of-the-art surface ideal for athletics practice. The new synthetic pavement to be installed is ideal for both training and competition and provides the ideal combination of energy return, comfort, safety and durability.

The Magaluf athletics track will again look like the day of its inauguration once the works are finished, after the deterioration produced in this pavement in recent years.

Blue pavement

The Sportflex Super X 720 K35 is the chosen pavement. Approved by the IAAF, alternating two-blue colour tones on the lanes and grey in the relay areas, not only will the quality of the sport facility improve, it will also change its visual appearance. The surface of both training ramps and pulling lane will also be renewed during the construction.

Tourism and sport

The works will begin on 21st January and will continue until the end of March, with the aim of meeting the needs of both local athletes and the many international athletes and tour operators reservations. The pavement improvement will also house local trainings and competitions, relaunch the training stages and other types of national and international events that the track normally hosts.

Undoubtedly, this work is a commitment of the municipality to maintain the Athletics Track as one of its references in the goal of contributing to the tourist deseasonalisation in Calvià through sports.

The works' impact

The works will only affect the 400-metre outdoor track, the artificial turf warming-up lane, the natural grass field, the training ramps and pulling lane, so that users can continue using the rest of the facilities' areas, specifically: the cross circuit, the covered area or the fitness room.

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