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Santa Ponēa beach Clean-Up Day


Wednesday 6th March 2019


The Ondine Association and the Fundació Deixalles participate along with about fifteen volunteers in a cleaning and awareness raising day

The Ondine association and about fifteen volunteers from the Fundació Deixalles, in collaboration with the Calvià Town Hall's Natural and Urban Environment Service, carried out this weekend an awareness raising and clean-up day on the Santa Ponça beach.

The objective of this initiative is not only to clean-up this urban beach but also to raise the participants awareness on the problem that plastics and microplastics pose in the natural environment, through the recovery of waste on an apparently clean beach. Once the microplastics and macro waste are removed, a count is made of the remains recovered from the coast, with which a scientific study is subsequently carried out, whose conclusion is the number, type of waste and most frequent trademarks in our coastline.

1,352 pieces of material have been collected in this action of which 35 items correspond to cutlery, plates, glasses or straws, 21 items to plastic bags, 16 items to drinking bottles, 59 to bottle caps, 320 to plastic or polystyrene items with a size between 05 and 2.5 cm, 546 to plastic or polystyrene items with a size between 2.5 and 50 cm, 54 items to ropes or nets, 41 to clothing or shoes, 123 butts, 77 cotton sticks, 11 'Chupa Chups' sticks, 15 sanitary waste items and 34 items of other materials that are not within this classification. In total, about 16 kg of waste in just 50 square metres of beach. The cleaning has been carried out thanks to the participation of volunteers from the Fundació Deixalles and staff of the Environment Department. Calvià 2000 has also collaborated in the cleaning day with the transport of waste.