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II Job and Entrepreneurship Fair Closing


Friday 22nd March 2019


The quality surveys carried out show a high degree of satisfaction of both, users and participating companies

The II Employment and Entrepreneurship Fair of Calvià, which was held at the Sala Palmanova, -124 participants took part-, has been closed this afternoon. The event was addressed to enterprising people and companies, and it began with Ana Seijo's (Wohaby Palma) inaugural conference. Alejo Ecoca Ecube Pérez, CEO of FDSA programming, closed the conference under the title De autónomo a empresario: tres claves y un reto (From self-employed to entrepreneur: three keys and a challenge).

The Mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, has described the fair's second edition as another successful day, which on Thursday, at the Galatzó Pavilion, hosted a great activity throughout the day. A total of
1,425 job interviews were conducted for the 485 jobs offered by the 24 companies that attended the event with 33 stands to meet the requests.

Satisfaction surveys result

Throughout the two days, random quality surveys were conducted to attendees (129 people) and to the participating companies, to assess the degree of satisfaction, which has been very high in terms of the attention received and the event's organisation.

According to these results, 83.19% of the assistants surveyed, valued (from 0 to 5) with the maximum score the general functioning of the Fair. 90.4% rated the attention received by the IFOC (Employment and Training Institute of Calvià) with a 5, and 84.5% gave a 5 to the attention received by the companies.

Regarding the survey carried out to the participating companies, 65.2% valued (from 1 to 10) with a 10 the organisation of the Fair, 17.4% valued it with a 9, and the same percentage, with an 8. For 100% of the companies, the information received before the fair was satisfactory and the space was adequate. More than 90% consider that the distribution of the stands and the duration of the event was appropriate, and 78.3% think that the conference dates were appropriate.