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38 people start the employment programmes


Friday 29th March 2019


Three mixed training and employment programmes began this week at the Employment and Training Institute of Calvià (IFOC), in which a total of 38 unemployed people, 20 U30 unemployed people and 10 over 30 year-old people participated with 8 programme management professionals, carrying out works of social interest in the municipality of Calvià.

The mixed projects are dual training programmes that combine theoretical training and practical experience, within the framework of the training and learning contract, which aim to improve qualification and employment possibilities, with the skills and professional competences improvement of the people who participate. In addition to obtaining two professionalism certificates and one-year work experience, also an individualised itinerary of each student-worker is carried out.


They have a duration of 1,680 hours, and allow the hiring, during 12 months, of 20 U30 unemployed people enrolled in the national youth guarantee system and 5 professionals enrolled in the SOIB (Employment Service of the Balearic Islands).

BRÚJULA: Both professionalism certificates, 'Low and medium mountain itineraries' guide' and 'Promotion of free-time educational activities for children and young people', will be given.

They will collect information on the preservation condition of public roads of hikers interest, preparation of routes (tracks), analyse, propose and budget the homogenisation of the current signaling, taking into account the future paths law, carry out guide of groups of students activities, and other activities related to trails and routes of hikers interest throughout the municipality. They will also support the organisation and development of activities and events aimed at young people in the municipality, conducting workshops and activities.

ESTEPA: They will be able to obtain two professionalism certificates on 'Forest uses auxiliary activities' and 'Forest preservation and improvement auxiliary activities', and a partial certificate on 'Farming auxiliary activities'. They will carry out forestry activities, such as the clearing, cleaning and maintenance of roads, and safety areas in urban and peri-urban areas of Santa Ponça, Costa de la Calma, Sa Morisca archaeological park, the Galatzó public estate and other areas of the municipality.

These two programmes have a total cost of € 486.876,16, of which € 52.911,76 are of municipal contribution and € 433.964,40 correspond to the subsidy granted by the Employment Service of the Balearic Islands (SOIB), with the participation of the SEPE and co-financing of the European Social Fund (FSE), through the Youth Employment Operative Programme for the 2014-2020 period.


Also with a duration of 1,680 hours, it allows the hiring of 10 over 30 year-old unemployed people, and 3 professionals registered in the SOIB, during a period of 12 months.

Tramuntanal: During this time, they can obtain certificates on 'Plant nurseries, gardens and garden centres' and 'Farming' auxiliary activities. They will carry out plant production and maintenance activities in the municipal plant nursery; design, maintenance and conditioning tasks of landscaped areas of the municipality, such as Son Bugadelles, Santa Ponça, or the public estate of Galatzó, amongst others.

This programme has a total cost of € 245.116,28 of which € 25.756,28 are of municipal contribution and € 219.360,00 correspond to the subsidy granted by the Employment Service of the Balearic Islands (SOIB) and with funds from the LXIV Employment and Labour Issues Sectoral Conference.

During the programme course, the student-worker will receive training on labour insertion and job search techniques, and on awareness of equal opportunities. In addition, when they finish, the IFOC will put at their disposal the necessary resources to promote their employment, including the municipal employment agency, guidance and assistance services for entrepreneurs, as well as the possibility of registering for training activities.