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Located the authors of 6 waste discharges

 Monday 1st April 2019


The penalties for these crimes can range between 900 and 1.7 million euros

The Local Police of Calvià and Calvià 2000 have located the authors of six waste discharges throughout the first three months of the year, who had left junk, debris, pruning remains and cardboard on the public road in different parts of the municipality. The authors of these infractions for discharges, classified as serious and very serious, can be charged with penalties ranging from 901 to 45,000 euros in the case of serious, and from 45,000 to 301,000 euros in the case of very serious infractions.

The abandonment of waste could also violate Law 22/2011 on waste and contaminated soil, which establishes fines, in the case of very serious infractions (abandonment that entails serious danger or damage to the health of the people, serious deterioration for the environment, hazardous waste or dumping in protected areas), from 45,001 to 1,750,000 euros.

WhatsApp group to coordinate notices, complaints and collections

The police commanders, along with those responsible for Calvià 2000, as well as the Natural Environment and Communication staff of the Town Hall, are part of a WhatsApp group created in January 2016, which is a very effective coordination tool to communicate discharges at the same moment in which they occur, and that registers more than 200 notices per year.

The group members communicate the detected incident and send a photograph to the group, sometimes with georeferencing. The police acknowledge receipt and move to the area. Once the police inspect the discharge, Calvià 2000 removes the waste or cleans the area. Sometimes, the police detect the offender and report him or her on the same day.

The most common detected cases are cardboard badly presented or out of the container, junk and pruning remains without giving notice, leave a volume much higher than the 5 authorised junk items, and debris near the road or in rural area.

Household collection: 96.6% is collected within the term

The home junk collection service obtained, during 2018, a collection rate of 96.6% in term, fulfilling in that percentage the date indicated to the applicant (normally, the day after the request). Last year, 6,977 applications were managed, 18% more than in 2017.

In order to reduce the waste removals abandoned on public roads without prior notice, which had grown by 21% throughout 2018, it was decided, in January this year, to increase the number of bulky waste items allowed in the home collection from 3 to 5. In total, the waste removed by the municipal company reached 854.8 tonnes in 2018.

Prior appointment for free home collection

Calvià residents can request free home junk and pruning remains collection, through the website calvia2000.es or by calling the telephone 971 699 202. If they prefer, they can take them to the Deixalleria, from Monday to Sunday, from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., at the Son Bugadelles industrial estate.

For businesses and residents located in P areas (first lines), Calvià 2000 already collects cardboard, rejection and glass fractions door to door and daily. Schedules can be checked on the website.