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The new 'Splashpark' in Son Ferrer is now open


Saturday 29th June 2019


It is part of one of the remodeled parks in the area within the maintenance and improvement shock plan actions

The splashpark, a water jets park, was opened to the public on Saturday in the area of Son Ferrer in Calvià. This is an action that is part of the maintenance and improvement shock plan, which in the first phase covers the areas of Son Ferrer, Costa de la Calma and the Galatzó residential area.

The splashpark is located at the confluence of Cadernera, Gall Salvatge, Indiot and Còndor streets, in the central part of what will be a park for families, children and youth, and as a meeting and family celebration area. The water jets park has a non-slip floor, and a water and impulse quality system formed by 7 elements, configured as a closed water circuit with purification and PH and chlorine control. This space is surrounded by an artificial turf area, and all closed by a perimeter fence, which will remain open from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The park will be completed with two other areas, at both outer ends of the splashpark. In one of them, a sheded area for picnic has been enabled, with three canvas structures and six tables and chairs. The other end will be an accessible rest area for senior citizens, maintaining the existing trees and with new vegetation.

The improvement of the lighting with the installation of lampposts has been planned throughout the park.