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ONCE lottery ticket for rei En Jaume Festivities


Wednesday 4th September 2019


On 9th September's draw

The ONCE's lottery ticket of Monday 9th September reflects the colour of the Rei En Jaume Festivities of Calvià. Five and a half million lottery tickets will spread this tradition.

Josep Vilaseca, the ONCE's territorial delegate, and Alfonso Rodríguez, mayor of Calvià, have presented this lottery ticket, accompanied by María del Carmen Soler, president of the ONCE's territorial council, Nati Francés, councillor of the Santa Ponça area and other members of the municipal corporation.

The Rei En Jaume Festivities take place in Calvià from 28th August to 8th September.

They commemorate the conquest of Mallorca by the King Jaume I in 1229, specifically the landing on the coast of Santa Ponça.

They have a good number of cultural, traditional activities such as a parade of Mallorcan giants, 'nit de foc', or the Moors and Christians battle, in which Jaume I troops disembark at the Cross of Santa Ponça, to parade, later, along with the Saracen 'collas', and preparing for the 'Moors and Christians' final battle. These festivities have become the most representative cultural event of Calvià.

Big and small can enjoy activities and shows according to their tastes, during the different events that are held at these festivities, such as concerts, medieval market, etc.

The ONCE daily lottery ticket offers, for 1.5 euros, 55 prizes of 35,000 euros for the five figures. In addition, the client has the opportunity, for 0.5 euros more, to also play the series, and win “La Paga” of 3,000 euros per month for 25 years, which will be added to the prize of 35,000 euros. The winning number's preceding and subsequent numbers will have a prize of 500 euros; and a prize of 200, 20, and 6 euros for the four, three and two last figures, respectively, of the winning lottery ticket. As well as reimbursements of 1.5 euros for the first and last figure.

The ONCE lottery tickets are marketed by the ONCES' 20,000 selling agents. As usual, thanks to the Sale Point Terminal (TPV), the customer can choose any number he or she likes. In addition, they can be purchased at the official Juegos ONCE website (www.juegosonce.es), and authorised collaborating establishments.