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The deadline to request the grants is now open


Monday 7th October 2019


Grants for housing rental in Calvià

These grants are intended to finance part of the rental income that is equal to or less than 900 euros. The amount of the aid is up to 40% of the annual income that must be paid for the rental of habitual and permanent housing, with a maximum limit of 3,960 euros yearly per housing.

There is no age limit to access these grants. The income of the group of people living in the house must be less than 3 times the IPREM (Multiple Effects Income Public Indicator); 4 times if it is a large family or people with disabilities, or 5 times when it concerns large families of a special nature or people with a specific type of disability.

Other criteria such as being a victim of gender violence, people with disabilities or having children under 18 years of age will also be assessed.

The deadline to request this type of aid is
from 7th October to 7th November. In total, the Town Hall allocates 75,000 euros that will be extended if necessary so that no one meeting the requirements is left without aid.

Check here the terms and conditions of the call

Aids for the rehabilitation of buildings and homes located in Calvià

In this case, the aids are: to rehabilitate buildings whose minimum age must be 20 years, with a maximum area of 120 m2 and whose maximum income of the family unit is 6 times the IPREM (45,117.54 euros).

The grants will cover 25% of the works budget and technical fees (P.P.), and may be requested
from 7th October to 7th November. In total, the Town Hall allocates 125,000 euros for rehabilitation aids.

Check here the terms and conditions of the call