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Ask for the discount card at the shops


Thursday 28th November 2019


Calvià's main street improvement works have already begun, and we want to support the small trade by encouraging you to buy at the village shops where you can request the DISCOUNT CARD, from 20th November to 4th January, which offers very attractive advantages.

It's very easy: you only have to ask for the DISCOUNT CARD at the village shops. Each time a purchase over 15 € is made, a stamp will be placed on the card. You will get 20% discount on the fifth purchase.

And once the card is completed, with 5 purchases in the same establishment, you will enter the draw that will publicly take place at Sa Societat Theatre, on 5th January, at 8 p.m., after the Three Kings's gift delivery.

To enter the raffle, simply leave your completed card at the establishment. The more cards you fill out, the more chances you have to get the winning card's 200€-prize. The more cards you get in each trade, the more chances of winning a prize.

Purchases must be for a minimum of 15 €.