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Homage to Francoism victims


Sunday 12th January 2020


A tribute to the Francoism victims, Juana Vaño and Ramon Fuster, has taken place today at the Memory Wall space of Palma cemetery. The body of Juana Vaño was located on 18th October 2018 during the excavations that took place in the cemetery of Calvià, and which began on 9th October of the same year. The one in Calvià is one of the historically most claimed exhumations by the families of Franco's repression victims and memorialist associations. The pit has been extensively documented by Manel Suárez, author of the Calvià common grave report.

The mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, intervened during the event, pointing out that days like today justify the work done and stating that "the dignity of this society is recovered, but not of the people killed because their life was taken away from them but not their dignity". The mayor thanked the work done by the Regional Government, the associations of Democratic Memory, Manuel Suárez, Memoria de Calvià and the Puigpunyent Ferrà family who promoted the Walks for the Memory that take place every year in Calvià. Rodríguez Badal has said he is committed to continue working from the Town Hall to return the bodies to their relatives and that the repressed of Calvià return to their village.

President Francina Armengol, who has closed the act with a few words, has given the Certificate of Recognition as a victim of Francoism to the families of Juana Vaño and Ramon Fuster. The mayor of Palma, José Hila, the regional minister of Public Administration and Modernisation, Isabel Castro, and the autonomous secretary of Democratic Memory and Good Government, Jesús Jurado, also participated.

The event was attended by the Calvià Town Hall councillors, Nati Francés, Juan Recasens, Marc López and Marga Plomer.