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Vehicle control campaign


Friday 31st January 2020


It is essential to carry the road tax certificate printed and the Technical Vehicle Inspection card if necessary

The Local Police of Calvià has carried out a surveillance and vehicle control campaign in which it has been verified that 63% of the supervised drivers did not have or did not carry the documentation in order. During the campaign held from 20th to 26th January, a total of 245 vehicles circulating on the roads of Calvià were controlled and 46 complaints were filed, that is, almost one in five controlled vehicles presented some type of irregularity.

The main reason for filing complaints is the lack of a road tax certificate or the updated Technical Vehicle Inspection card (MOT) when the vehicle requires it. For this reason, a total of 29 fines have been filed, of which 24 are for cars and 5 for motorcycles. In addition, it is to be recalled that it is necessary to have an accident insurance and it is convenient to carry a hard copy of it, but if this is not the case, police officers can check electronically if the policy exists and if it is in force.

On the other hand, 30 goods vehicles have been supervised, of which 5 have been denounced for not complying with some sort of requirement.

The Local Police of Calvià will carry out more surveillance and control campaigns in the coming weeks in compliance with the competencies it has in traffic and road safety.