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Start of the Climate Action Plan drafting


Friday 7th February 2020


The document will define the key actions of the coming years to meet the objectives of reducing emissions and increasing both energy efficiency and renewable energy

Calvià has begun the Climate Action and Sustainable Energy Plan drafting (PACES) that will define the key actions to which the municipality will commit to address the climate and energy crisis.

Calvià was the first municipality in the Balearic Islands to fulfill the objectives set forth in the Covenant of Mayors and Moyeresses for Climate and Energy, and pioneer in renewing its covenant adhesion, in February last year, which implies the realisation of an Action Plan for Climate and Sustainable Energy (PACES).

The plan will include an emission inventory of reference to track mitigation actions and an assessment of risks and climate vulnerabilities in the municipality, in addition to having information on their implementation and measuring changes regarding the municipality's decarbonisation.

With a strategic horizon framed within the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (ODS), PACES focuses on moving towards an increasingly decarbonised, sustainable, energy efficient municipality with a greater capacity to adapt and reduce the impacts of climate change.

In this way, the main achievements expected within the plan will contribute to the fulfillment of the three main milestones of the 'Covenant of Mayors and Mayoresses for Climate and Energy' 2030 commitment: reduce CO2 emissions by 40%, increase by 27% the saving and the energetic efficiency and increase by 27% the energetic use and production with renewable energies.