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Nightlife Worktable Meeting

 Tuesday 18th February 2020


The Town Hall is preparing a Noise Ordinance modification for the next season

The Calvià Nightlife Worktable has met today. It is the third meeting of this body that meets every month and aims to address the so-called drunkenness tourism and move towards improving the quality of nightlife areas.

Two issues have been addressed today: the modification of the Municipal Ordinance for the protection of the environment against noise and vibration pollution and actions against street peddling.

Regarding the Noise Ordinance, a draft is being worked on in which a modification is proposed in three areas. On the one hand, an update to adapt it to regional and state regulations. On the other hand, a simplification of procedures is sought and therefore it had been proposed to replace the licences with the "responsible declaration" figure that is already being made at the general level of the public administration.

Thirdly, the Ordinance is modified to increase the capacity of Local Police agents to take precautionary measures in situ, in two cases: the lack of a musical activity licence and the sound limiter manipulation. In both cases, local police officers may seal the sound equipment and stop the musical activity.

The intention is that these modifications are already in force at the beginning of the season.

Regarding actions against street peddling, it has been reported that surveillance and control campaigns by the Local Police will be intensified, and that the joint work done with the Civil Guard of Calvià will continue as, on occasion, this practice is accompanied by drug dealing. At this point, it has been explained that last summer there was an improvement with the change of location of the Magaluf SATE that has led to the continued presence of the Civil Guard in the area of Punta Ballena, while it is hoped that with the entry into force of the Decree against excesses changes the profile of the tourist, thus making this irregular activity to decline.

The Nightlife Worktable, chaired by the mayor of Calvià, is made up of different municipal departments (Tourism, Local Police, Commerce, Activities, Calvià 2000 and Equality), as well as the Hotel Association of Palmanova-Magaluf, the Hotel Association of Santa Ponça, the associations ABONE and ACOTUR, Radio Taxi de Calvià and Civil Guard.