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Grants delivery to Calvią athletes


Thursday 20th February 2020


The Town Hall promotes the practice of individual sports disciplines through two help lines, one for athletes under 18 years, and another for athletes over 18 years with proven results

Calvià has delivered the subsidies aimed at individual athletes in the municipality. A total of 82 people have benefited from these grants. The distribution of the 45.000 € of the economic endowment of this programme has been carried out taking into account the sport merits of the people who have submitted an application.

The event was held last night at the Sala Palmanova, where pictures of the subsidised people in action were projected during a small tribute attended by family members and municipal officials.

Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, who delivered the grants along with the deputy mayor of Sports, Eva Serra, stressed that sport "has a personal development and training, collaboration and cooperation, discipline, personal growth component" and, in this sense, "it is important that Calvià Town Hall can help athletes in their passion, not only with scholarships, but with facilities so that they have decent spaces, and also accompanying instructors and sports clubs."

The novelty this year is that the subsidies have two help lines, one for athletes under 18 years with a future projection certified by the corresponding sports federation, with an allocation of 27.000 €; and another for athletes over 18 years with proven results with an endowment of 18.000 €.

27.000 € have been distributed amongst 57 athletes under 18 years of age from the municipality from different disciplines, such as athletics, water polo, stand-up paddle, tennis, triathlon, karate, horse riding or chess.

With regards to the subsidy line for athletes over 18 years of age, 18.000 € have been distributed amongst 25 athletes from different disciplines such as water skiing, horse riding, sailing, swimming or canoeing.

The valuation of the different applications has been made in accordance with the scoring criteria that were included in the terms and conditions that regulated this call, so that athletes who have applied for a subsidy have opted under the same conditions.

Calvià Town Hall, through the Calvià Sports Institute (ICE), one more year allocates an economic item to help and promote minority sport discipline athletes in the municipality. It is important to highlight that the majority of people who have received a subsidy are under 18 years old, since the main objective of this programme is to promote lower categories, although the extraordinary merits of some high-level athletes have meant them to receive a substantial part of the total programme endowment.

Web page: www.calviadeportes.com

E-mail: ice@calvia.com