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Local Police guarantees street controls

Tuesday, 7th April 2020


The Calvià Local Police yesterday controlled 198 vehicles and fined eight drivers for failing to comply with current mobility measures

The local Security Board chaired by the mayor meets weekly to monitor the state of alarm measures

Agents of the Calvià Local Police have drawn up 538 reports in Calvià during the state of alarm for the breach of the restrictions agreed in Royal Decree 463/2020, of 14th March, for the sanitary crisis caused by COVID-19 situation management. Most of the 538 reports drawn up are for violating home confinement. Complaints reported in recent days can lead to fines from 600 to 30,000 euros, in application of Organic Law 4/2015, of 30th March, for the protection of citizen security.
Likewise, the police continue to carry out controls on the Calvià roads to avoid unnecessary movements at different surveillance points. The Calvià Local Police has implemented more than 200 controls in all the population centres of the municipality to supervise the mobility restrictions imposed by the state of alarm. Only yesterday, 198 vehicles were checked and eight reports were filed. Last week, 39 static controls were carried out at strategic points of access to the urban areas of the municipality and 136 reports were drawn up.

The most repeated breach is walking the dogs far away from home, owners have even been identified with their dogs on the beach. It is also frequent to see people who stay or walk in public places without a cause and who do not heed to the instructions from police officials to return to their respective homes. In the Calvià municipality there are also cases such as that of citizens swimming in the sea or strolling in the forest. Especially alarming was the case of a young man who rode a scooter along almost the entire municipality to buy drugs.
It is recalled that home confinement is our maximum protection against the coronavirus pandemic. The ultimate goal is to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and thus help save lives. The thirty-first day of restrictions is generally taking place with few significant incidents in Calvià. Despite this, these days, the Calvià Local Police have arrested three people: a drunk driver who was driving a vehicle with two flat tires because he had collided with parked cars and ignored a security control installed in Son Caliu; a driver arrested in a forest area after fleeing a Calvià Local Police control at the Cas Català access and who was driving a stolen vehicle in Esporles; and a person that was living with his ex-partner when he had a restraining order for gender-based violence.

The Calvià Local Security Board meets weekly electronically to monitor the state of alarm measures. Every Wednesday they share the data collected and the joint and collaborative work carried out by the security forces in the municipality, the Calvià Local Police and the Civil Guard. The Mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal; the deputy mayor, Nati Francés Gárate; the general director of General Services and Security, José Antonio Fernández Ballesta; the secretary of the Town Hall, Joan Castañer Alemany; the Chief of the Local Police, Paco Darder Kittila; the Major of Police, José Antonio Navarro Muñoz; and the commander of the Civil Guard in Calvià, second lieutenant Agustín Panigua take part in the meeting.
The Calvià Town Hall appreciates people’s collaboration during these days, but warns that we cannot relax in the fight against the coronavirus. The Government Team also insists on the fact that confinement is our maximum protection against the pandemic, in addition to following the recommendations of the health authorities.