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Eight establishments fined in the state of alarm

Wednesday 20th May 2020


The Calvià Local Police has proposed eight establishments in the municipality for fine for failing to comply with the operating conditions during the state of alarm. The causes are exceeding the capacity in terraces, not maintaining safety distances, consumption within the premises or lack of hydroalcoholic gel. On the other hand, 73 fines have been filed for other types of non-compliance. The majority, 57, have been for not wearing a surgical mask inside the vehicle when it is mandatory. The police officers have filed 1,307 complaints since the state of alarm started.
The Calvià Local Security Board, which meets on Wednesdays to follow-up on the containment measures, has shared the data from the previous week and maintains coordination for the coming weeks. In fact, last weekend they worked together in the control of 25 bars and restaurants in Magaluf and Santa Ponça, in which no notable incident was highlighted. This morning's meeting was attended by the Mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal; the deputy mayor, Nati Francés Gárate; the general director of General Services and Police, José Antonio Fernández Ballesta; the secretary of the Town Hall, Joan Castañer Alemany; the Chief of Police, Paco Darder Kittila; the Major of the Police, José Antonio Navarro Muñoz; and the commander of the Civil Guard post in Calvià, Lt. Manuel Martínez Palomo.
If next week the Balearic Islands go to phase 2 and bathing is allowed, pending the specifications on safety distances and others, the Calvià Local Police beach division will begin to monitor that all regulations are complied with correctly from Monday 25th May.
Meanwhile, the lifeguard service is on from 1st May from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., with the support of Civil Protection Volunteers. They all work in coordination, so if they report incorrect behaviour, the police officers go to the place and propose for fine.
Calvià Town Hall appreciates citizens' collaboration in complying the restriction and hygiene measures, and reminds that surgical masks must be used in public transport and, starting tomorrow, also on public roads, in outdoor spaces and in any closed space for public use or that is open to the public, provided that it is not possible to maintain an interpersonal safety distance of at least 2 metres (with the exceptions determined by Order SND / 422/202, of 19th May). The council reiterates that it is the responsibility of each and every one to follow the social health regulations and recommendations while the de-escalation process lasts.