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Information note from the Local Police of Calvią


Wednesday 10th June 2020



The Local Police monitors that security distances against Covid-19 are maintained

In the last week of phase 2 of the de-escalation, local police officers from Calvià have carried out controls in the small coves that are easily accessible in the municipality, such as those in Cas Català, Buguenvíl·lea, Comtessa, Illetes, Costa de la Calma, Oratori, El Toro, la caleta de Santa Ponça, Cala Vinyes, Falcó, and Fornells in order to avoid crowds. These specific controls, in addition to the presence of pedestrian patrols on the rest of the beaches, will be maintained as long as it is necessary to preserve social distance and control the density. In fact, last week the access was closed for a period of time in the central hours of the day in the Buguenvíl·lea and Comtessa coves due to excess capacity.

On the other hand, the Local Police of Calvià issued last week 33 administrative reports for breaching the restrictions of the state of alarm, most for not keeping the safety distance or not wearing a surgical mask, especially inside vehicles. Likewise, three bars have been fined for failing to comply with the distance measures. In total in relation to the state of alarm, the police officers have issued 1,516 complaints. In addition, the Calvià Local Police had to seal the open-air calisthenics gym in the Galatzó residential area, since the seals had been removed and there were people practising sport. In another order of action, seven complaints have been issued for possession and consumption of drugs in the street, three for loose dogs on the beaches, two for fights, two men have been arrested for gender violence and a report has been issued for construction works noise.

These data from last week have been shared this morning at the Local Security Board in Calvià, which works in coordination to receive the visit of international tourists starting next Monday. The meeting was attended by the mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal; the deputy mayor, Nati Francés Gárate; the secretary of the Town Hall, Joan Castañer Alemany; the Police Chief, Paco Darder Kittila; the Police Major, José Antonio Navarro Muñoz; and the head of the Civil Guard in Calvià, Ignacio Suárez Sáez.

The Calvià Town Hall reiterates that following the socio-health recommendations and rules while the de-escalation process lasts is the responsibility of all. The consistory urges that those who want to enjoy bathing on the Calvian coast do so preferably on beaches with large sandy areas where it is easier to maintain a safe distance than in small coves.