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Informative Note from the Local Police of Calvią

Calvià, 3rd July 2020



A Peguera bar will also be fined for excess capacity

In the last week, the Calvià Local Police has filed 74 reports related to citizen coexistence, 25 are due to behavior detrimental to normal coexistence and relationship between people and eight for disobedience to authority. For noise, eleven premises will be fined for causing inconveniences and five for carrying out works after hours. Likewise, five cases of premises did not comply with opening or closing hours and one case of balconing activity have been reported.

On the other hand, on Wednesday at 10 pm, the Calvià Local Police had to go to a bar in Boulevar de Peguera warned that there was a significant concentration of people, almost all without face mask. Police agents verified that the premises exceeded the permitted capacity, so it faces an administrative fine that can reach € 30,000. According to the measures to be applied due to the health crisis, the maximum capacity inside is 75% and on the terrace, where more than a hundred people gathered, the interpersonal safety distance of one and a half meters had to be guaranteed.

In the same line of work caused by the pandemic, the Calvià Local Police has had 34 reports in the last week for breaching RD 21/2020. At traffic controls carried out in Santa Ponça and El Toro, 28 people were accompanied in cars without a face mask. There have also been reports for not wearing a mask or keeping the safety distance, going on public transport without a mask, failing to comply with security measures inside premises or for the use of the bar counter after 10 pm, according to the rules in the the New Normality Plan of the Balearic Government.

This data has been shared this morning at the Local Security Board in Calvià. The mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal; the deputy mayor, Nati Francés Gárate; the general director of General Services and Police, José Antonio Fernández Ballesta; the secretary of the City Council, Joan Castañer Alemany; the Chief of Police, Paco Darder Kittila; the commander of the Civil Guard in Calvià, lieutenant Manuel Martínez Palomo and second lieutenant Agustín Paniagua have taken part in the meeting.

In addition, the Calvià Police continues to control beaches in the municipality to avoid crowds. These controls, in addition to the seafront patrols, will be maintained as long as it is necessary to preserve social distancing and density control. The coves of Contesa, Portals Vells and El Mago are the ones with the highest density, so it is advisable to access beaches with a bigger extension of sand.