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Prior appointment municipal sports facilities

 Monday 7th September 2020


New rules came into force, on 28th August 2020, to contain the COVID-19 pandemic in the Balearic Islands, one of them affects the maximum capacity allowed in sports facilities, in this case, it is obliged to 50% reduction of the total.

In order to both, guarantee compliance with the regulations in the municipal sports facilities of Calvià and order the entry and exit flows in these centres, it is necessary to activate a PRIOR APPOINTMENT SYSTEM that regulates the maximum quotas of people at each time and sports facility.

Thus, FROM 7th SEPTEMBER, access to the following sports facilities will be possible if a PRIOR ONLINE RESERVATION for the use of the facility has been made.

7th September:

• Santa Ponça swimming-pool

• Calvià swimming-pool

• Son Caliu swimming-pool

• Magaluf gym (cardio room)

• Magaluf gym (weight room)

• Calvià gym

Book a prior appointment: https://calviadeportes.com/cita-previa-iidd

As of 14th September, the system will allow to make reservations for the rest of the gymnasiums and municipal swimming pools (Peguera, Galatzó, Son Ferrer, Bendinat).

The reservation system is very simple, it can be done from a mobile phone, tablet, computer ... It is quick, at the end of the reservation we will automatically receive the confirmation by mail.

We hope that this system will ensure access to sports activities, with order and control and always complying with the allowed capacity.