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Online celebration of the Festes rei En Jaume 2020


Thursday 10th September 2020


A commemorative video has been published with pictures from other years and of the colles wearing this year's T-shirts

Dr. José Ignacio Ramírez Manent, medical director of the Calvià health area, is the online herald for this year's edition


Calvià celebrates the Festes del rei En Jaume 2020 online, as this year they have been suspended, due to the situation arised from Covid-19.

However, the Town Hall, in agreement with the Colles (groups of Moors and Christians), has wanted to commemorate these festivities with the edition of a video that, with the announcement of the Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, takes a tour through the main areas where the festivities' activities take place and which this year have had to be cancelled, interspersing pictures from previous years.

Likewise, and despite the cancellation of the festivities, the tradition of the proclamation has been maintained, and it has been done by giving a voice to a person who represents one of the sectors that have worked hard to take care of all citizens, facing the pandemic: Dr. José Ignacio Ramírez Manent, medical director of the Calvià health area. The video, therefore, collects fragments of the proclamation in which Calvià wanted to pay tribute to all the people, professionals and sectors of activities that have cared for and continue to care for all of us.

At the end, pictures of the colles members are projected wearing the commemorative T-shirt of the online festivities of the rei En Jaume 2020, under the motto: Junts guanyarem la batalla (Together we will win the battle).

The video is accompanied by the music of the Municipal Music Band of Calvià.

In these links are:

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PB9lEs_l8eU


Proclamation: https: //youtu.be/F4iWiOKlvV0