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Recovery Agreements Follow-up Meeting


Monday 21st September 2020


In this second meeting, the progress of the measures that shows compliance with the agreements practically in their entirety was explained

The mayor has also announced the implementation of employment and training plans that will involve the hiring of 154 people in different sections

The meeting to follow-up the agreements of the Municipal Plan for Social, Economic and Environmental Recovery of Calvià, which was established on 15th July, and signed by the mayor, the political groups with municipal representation, the hotel, commercial, catering and leisure associations and the majority unions in the municipality has taken place today. The plan includes social protection measures to alleviate the basic and urgent needs of Calvià residents; measures to reactivate and sustain economic activity, and fiscal measures, with a shared commitment to maintaining and promoting jobs in the affected sectors. The measures are specified and quantified with a global economic cost of 8.898.974 euros, which represents a significant effort in the face of a drop in income that is estimated to be, in 2020, between 12 and 15 million euros.

The meeting was attended by the mayor Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, the spokespersons of the municipal groups (Nati Francés, of the PSOE; Marga Plomer, of Podem-Més; Luisa Jiménez, of the PP; Esperanza Catalá, of Vox, and Gaël Thyus, of C's ); the presidents of the Calvià hotel associations; the representatives of the majority unions, UGT and CCOO, and the representatives of the business associations of the municipality ACOTUR, ABONE and CAEB Restauración, all of them signatories of the pact. In addition, the representatives of the Association of workers and bussinespeople linked to Punta Ballena, which is being established, have been invited as listeners to this meeting.

Aids in a context of employment decline

During the meeting, the mayor announced that, in addition to the measures envisaged in the Agreement, the Calvià Town Hall, through the IFOC (Calvià Training and Employment Institute), has planned to hire 154 unemployed people, of which 48 are already working. These are programmes that are carried out with calls from the SOIB.

In his speech, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal pointed out that Calvià has suffered and is suffering a terrible tourist season, with declines in occupancy and unfortunately historical closures, in line with the drop in tourist activity around the world due to the pandemic, and similar to the one suffered in the great tourist destinations of Spain with strong dependence on international tourism. In July, he said, “we had the hope of recovering our activity, with more than 230.000 overnight stays, far from the 1.500.000 in 2019 but which placed us in the fourth Spanish destination with the most international overnight stays that month. The quarantine dictated by the United Kingdom, and the decisions of the German government dissipated that trend and have marked a month of September with percentages of open places that barely reach 14% in the main Calvià destinations. In these circumstances, the aids from the Government of Spain and the Balearic Islands, the ERTES (Records of Temporary Employment Regulation) and the benefits for the self-employed have been essential to avoid social fracture. Urgent social care and the protection of employment through the aids included in the Calvià Social Reactivation Plan, reached with the consensus of all, is allowing Calvià to better cope with this situation ”.

Measures balance

Alfonso Rodríguez Badal has presented the data on the aids provided for in the Plan, which amounts to about 9 million euros, and which are already being granted. At the moment, the aids are in this situation:

Social emergency aids:

From the beginning of the state of alarm until 18th September, 3.166 grants have been given to cover basic needs

2.836 of these grants are for food (89.5% of the total)

The total aids, until 18th September, has amounted to 908.850 euros

Extraordinary aids for housing rentals Covid-19:

293 applications approved

Approved amount: 399.817 euros

Applications are currently being resolved, so it is estimated that at the end of the procedure the approved grants will exceed 400 beneficiaries

School year grants, extraordinary call Covid-19:

921 beneficiary families

Total aids: 252.605 euros

The aids have tripled the call for 2019

Extraordinary aids for the self-employed managed by the Government of the Balearic Islands:

2.092.168 euros for the self-employed in Calvià

Town Hall contribution: 1.500.000 euros

The Calvià Employment and Training Institute (IFOC) activated an advisory service for these grants, which answered a total of 941 inquiries.

Extension of the Noise OrdinanceWinter hours to facilitate works:

Approved in the extraordinary plenary session of Calvià, on 21st April

Subsequently, the Regional Government approved Decree 8/2020, of 13th May, on urgent and extraordinary measures, which extended the measure to the entire area of the Balearic Islands

Grants call for the rehabilitation and modernisation of the commercial fabric:

125 applications submitted, compared to the 20 submitted in the previous call

Budget of 100.000 euros

Novelties: aids for the adaptation to Covid regulations and for electronic commerce

Local business reactivation plan. They are working with businesses to start up a Marketplace

Investments and tax aids

Likewise, he has reported on the planned investments that, despite the economic situation, remain in Calvià: The second phase of the Puig des Teix reform in Santa Ponça; the second phase of Torrenova street in Magaluf; the comprehensive reform of París y Pinzones St. in Palmanova and Costa de sa caleta St. in Portals will be carried out in Autumn-Winter. Likewise, the Puig de Sa Morisca Archaeological Museum will be completed and the new Adult School will begin. Works will also be carried out on the Galatzó public estate, with the reform of the dairy and the refuge.

Finally, regarding tax aids, the mayor of Calvià has explained that the extension of the voluntary payment period until 15th November and the possibility of tax splitting, is a relief for many small and medium entrepreneurs and self-employed, such as the postponement of 50% of the IBI (Property tax) from 2020 to 2021. He also announced that practically all the recalculations of the waste collection and disposal service receipts requested by the productive sector are reaching 50% of the sum of the collection and disposal rate, which represents an economic effort of about 3 million euros. In the meeting held, the possibility of requesting the fractioning of the tax debt in 2021 was also explained.