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Second aids call for the self-employed


Monday 16th November 2020

Second extraordinary aids call for self-employed workers in Calvià

The Government of the Balearic Islands has opened a second extraordinary aids call to restart or continue the activity on their own account and consolidate a self-employment project of self-employed people directly affected by Covid-19. Thus, self-employed workers in Calvià will be able to apply for this second call as the credit of 2.092,168 euros has not been depleted, of which 1.500,000 euros are provided by the Calvià Town Hall; 444.955 euros, by the Regional Government, and 147.213 euros by the Consell de Mallorca.

The terms and conditions, published in the BOIB on Saturday 14th November , specify that in order to speed up the processing, a Responsible Declaration will have to be submitted and that people who had already submitted an application in the previous term (the one opened with the original call, BOIB 122, of 11th July 2020), will not be able to apply again, although the application submitted had been denied.

The deadline for submitting applications (Procedure one) will open on 23rd November for 5 days.

IFOC will advise and assist again in this call's procedures: LINK 

The submission of the applications will be carried out in two procedures:

Procedure one: Request for the date and time slot to submit the application (no electronic signature is required).

In order to request the date and time slot assignment to submit the application, access https://reservatorn.caib.es.

In this process, you will only have to enter the identity of the self-employed worker requesting the aids (not of the representative), the municipality of the tax residence, if you carry out your activity throughout the year, or if you are a temporary worker, and an email.

The system will inform the time allotted to submit the application.

This procedure is mandatory to be able to access Procedure two.

Procedure two: Application submission (electronic signature is required).

The procedure "submission of new applications by the municipalities of Alcúdia, Calvià, Ciutadella, Costitx, Ibiza, Esporles, Formentera, Pollença and Sant Josep de sa Talaia" of the electronic headquarters of the CAIB will be accessed within the assigned time slot, through which the application and the remaining required documentation will be submitted.

If procedure two is carried out in the assigned slot, the system will roll back the date of submission of the application to the moment when procedure one was completed. If the application is made outside the assigned timeframe, the application submission date (criterion date) will be the date on which the complete application was actually submitted.

If the application is not submitted completely in step two, the Administration will make a request so that it can be amended, then the date of the application submission (criterion date) will be the one on which the request has been answered.

Any application submitted following a procedure other than the one described will be rejected.