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25N Day for the elimination of sexist violence


Wednesday 25th November 2020


Calvià has been heard very loudly in the act of Desire, rejection and remembrance of the women murdered in 2020 by their partners or ex-partners, on the occasion of 25N International Day for the elimination of violence towards women.

Like all the condemnation events carried out in Calvià, no minute's silence has been observed, but the names of the women murdered and their murderers have been read, accompanied by the sound of the 'xeremies'.

The event, which was attended by the municipal government team, part of the Consistory and Town Hall staff, began at 12 noon with an introduction by Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, with interventions by reading texts or improvised words by all those people willing to contribute and the reading of a manifesto:

1.074 is the number of women who have been murdered since 1st January 2003 at the hands of men. 41 women only in 2020 in Spain. 1.074 is the number of women who have been completely deprived of their liberty, a figure that represents the women who could not live without fear. That increases every week and that puts us all at risk every day, regardless of our economic situation, our profession, our age. An official figure that includes a very great physical suffering, but that leaves out many other ailments. A figure that would increase even more if we took into account how many of us are deprived of our freedom to do, say, feel and be who we are, if we took into account how many of us feel fear walking down the street or even at home, that increases when the feeling of insecurity springs just from the condition of being women. A figure that cannot be limited to violence that manifests itself physically and fatally, but goes much further, involving sexual, emotional, economic and psychological violence. A figure that, even if it is numerical, we cannot leave here. It is a figure that represents us as women, but also makes us lose sight of the tragic reality behind, the true suffering, the memory of these women, the value of their lives, their difficulties, their journeys, their moments of joy as well as their fears. The greatest fear that manifested itself in the figure of a man, not a monster, not a psychopath, not a madman, who unilaterally made the decision to end her freedom. That is why it is important to remember, above all, days like today, but also, always, that the greatest treasure we possess, our freedom, will never truly be ours if there are still women in the world suffering for the fact of being so''.