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Covid informants in Calvią resolve doubts

 Tuesday 2nd March 2021

9 people in Calvià inform the population on issues related to Covid-19 regulations

Calvià has 9 informants on issues related to Covid-19 regulations, who visit the municipality to provide information and answer questions that the population may have.

It is a programme launched by the Government of the Balearic Islands through the Regional Ministry for Social Affairs and Sports, to inform, sensitise and make the population aware of the need to comply with health prevention measures against Covid-19.

Informants work on the streets and go to different points such as Calvià market, on Mondays; Peguera market, on Tuesdays; Son Ferrer market, on Fridays, and Santa Ponça market, on Saturdays, where an information table is set up where citizens can visit from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. They also go to Santa Ponça and Palmanova health centres.

Informants, visually identified with the colour in which their work area is located, are in charge of informing, accompanying, supervising and answering questions from the population regarding the measures in force in their area. Their function is informative, not punitive.

The 9 people are on the street every day to assist residents on preventive health measures in each area, while helping to have a more direct vision and adapt actions.