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Seniors Citizen's Association in Es Capdellà

The mayor of Calvià, Carlos Delgado, has inaugurated the reformed headquarters of the Senior Citizen's Association in Capdellà.

With a budget of 134.093 euros, the reform consisted of the closing-in of the terrace so that the space could be used for many acitvities and an office, furthermore the interior space has been reorganised so that the kitchen could be enlarged.

It should be noted that with the opening of the refurbished headquarters of the Senior Citizen's headquarters in Capdellà, this concludes the updating of all the Senior citizen's centres in Calvià planned in the inversion programme Calvià al dia, with a total inversion of 377.000 euros.

Improvements completed on the following buildings:

  • Senior Citizen's Centre Magalluf. Work consisted of enlarging the premises by building a new room which was previously a terrace. Air conditioning has been installed and the centre has been painted.
  • Senior Citizen's centre - Son Ferrer.  Work consisted of refurbishing and constructing a new kitchen and enlarging the premises by creating an exterior terrace. This space is for a small office and two bathrooms.
  • Senior Citizen's centre - Paguera. The premises have been enlarged by the building of two areas. One houses an office and a store room and the other a bathroom and a room which will be multi-functional.
  • Senior Citizen's centre Son Caliu. Blinds have been installed, as well as glass panels. The premises have been painted.
  • Senior Citizen's centre - Calvià Vila. A new annex has been built to enlarge the premises.
  • Senior Citizen's centre - Portals Nous. The whole premises have been painted.

At present the construction of a new centre is underway, Centro Social Municipal Ses Rotes Velles, which will house the Santa Ponsa Senior Citizen's Association and the Neighbourhood Association as well as other Social service dependants of the Town Hall. The budget totals 410,000 euros.