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Challenges in the I Joventut Lab Calvią Conference

Wednesday 16th June 2021


The initiative has had the participation of professionals who work with young people in the different administrations

The I Joventut Lab Calvià Conference has taken place today at the Sala Palmanova in Calvià, which has brought together professionals who work with young people, to deal with the situation that the pandemic has caused amongst young people, and to analyse the challenges and new approaches that the public services have to serve this important group of the population. Technical personnel from Calvià and other administrations who have contributed with their experiences have attended the conference, either in person or online.

Jaume Funes Artiaga, psychologist, educator and journalist, gave a lecture on 'Intervention with young people in times of pandemic'. New challenges, new answers, with a detailed analysis of the situation of youths during the pandemic which, he pointed out, has caused them a series of 'holes', but not a new crisis, but has exacerbated and surfaced the existing crises between the youth. In the conversation with the general manager of Youth, María Bel Sureda, he has stressed that new ways of helping them are needed and that policies should tend to accompany them, but in the sense of sharing the path, not as a 'control agent'.

The conference started with the welcome of the deputy mayor for Citizen Participation and Youth, Marga Plomer, to those attending. Plomer explained that the initiative has arisen from a shared concern about how to act and what to offer to the youths after the pandemic situation, adding that, as administrations, "we have the obligation that the way out of the crisis is different. They should feel supported. We cannot fail them again. "

The mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, closed the conference that has included a debate between the working groups made up of professionals from different fields (youth services, education, employment, housing, health, social services, etc.). The mayor reiterated that "we have a youth in whom we have to trust more" and that "as a society and as administrations we must create the ideal conditions for them to build their dreams and life."

The Joventut Lab Calvià conference was attended by the deputy mayor for Social Cohesion and Equality, Nati Francés; the deputy mayor for Education, Olga Granados; the insular director of Youth, Alex Segura, and the manager of the Municipal Institute of Education and Libraries of Calvià, Borja Martorell, as well as Calvià Town Hall's Youth Service technical staff who organised the conference.