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Change of plaques with Francoist nomenclature


Thursday 2nd December 2021


This week the plates of two streets of Calvià village that maintained Francoist nomenclature have been changed, complying with the Law of Memory and Democratic Recognition of the Balearic Islands and the mandate of the plenary session of the Town Hall of 29th April 2021

On 29th April 2021, the plenary session of Calvià Town Hall approved the name change of three streets that still retained the Francoist nomenclature. It was at the proposal of the Technical Commission for the naming and labeling of Calvià streets once the report presented by the Democratic Memory area of the Town Hall had been assessed.

According to what is established in Law 2/2018 of April on Democratic Memory and Recognition of the Balearic Islands and in the "Census of Symbols, legends and mentions of the Francoist side of the civil war and dictatorship in the Balearic Islands", published by the Govern de les Illes Balears, it was necessary to change the name of three streets in the municipality of Calvià: Calle General García Ruiz, in Magaluf, and the streets of Sor Rosenda and policía Damià Barceló, in Calvià village.

As evidenced by the census of Francoist symbols and historical research: General García Ruiz was a prominent Francoist military man who, in the role of Civil Governor, led the violent repression throughout Mallorca, being one of the most responsible for the serious violations of human rights that, during the first months after the coup, the rebels applied. Sor Rosenda, who gives name to a historic street in the village, adopted the role of informer of the residents of Calvià who tried to escape the murderous violence of the regime. Damià Barceló, for his part, was a founding member of the Porreres phalanx, and in Porreres he was part of the Falangist guerrillas that carried out extrajudicial executions.

As it was approved in the plenary session, these three streets were to be renamed respectively: calle de Francisca Pujol Terrassa, pioneer and businesswoman of Magaluf; calle del Convent; and calle de Can Sopa.

Following the mandate of the Town Hall's plenary session and once the administrative procedure of two of the three streets has been completed, on 1st December, the plates on Calle del Convent and Calle de Can Sopa have been changed. The name change of Magaluf street continues its own administrative procedure, and it is estimated that it will be early next year when the new plates with the new name will be placed.

Rafel Sedano, councillor for Democratic Memory of Calvià Town Hall, has stated that "an important step is being made to erase the vestiges of Francoist symbolism from our municipality, a step to continue advancing along the path of Democracy." In addition, the councillor responsible for the area stressed that he was happy with the fact that no allegation had been submitted to the name change of the two streets. Probably related to the fact that they involved the affected residents and informed them previously. The councillor ended by saying: "Democracy is not compatible with symbols and tributes that extol a totalitarian and bloodthirsty regime."