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June 2022


Citizens will be able to make their proposals through this direct participation mechanism, which has an estimate of 125.000 euros

Calvià Town Hall, through the Department of Citizen Participation, has already launched the II Participatory Budgets of the municipality, a mechanism for direct citizen participation that has an estimate of 125.000 euros divided into two lines: 100.000 euros for infrastructural projects and 25.000 for service projects.

Through the new CITIZEN PARTICIPATION PORTAL, citizens can submit their proposals including a brief description, after registering on the portal. This first phase of contribution of proposals by citizens will end on 30th June.

The deputy mayor for Citizen Participation and Youth, Marga Plomer, encourages the citizens of Calvià to participate in this process that is intended to encourage residents of the municipality to be part of the decision-making and be actively involved in the day-to-day of their municipality.

Between 1st and 8th July, a technical team will assess the feasibility of each of the proposals based on the criteria that they must be within the competence of the Town Hall, they must be viable and cost less than the estimate corresponding to the area or field of action by activity or investment. All those that fit into the budget and municipal powers will go to the voting phase that will be open from 10th to 31st July. People over 16 years old and registered in Calvià, will be able to vote. The proposals will be sorted by the number of votes and selecting the proposals from the most to the least voted. In the event that the number of proposals exceeds the reserved amount, the most voted will be selected until the maximum amount for that process is reached. As from 15th August, the process can begin to carry out the proposals that have overcome the technical assesment and the citizens' vote, which will be published on the platform.