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IFOC and Calvią 2000 training agreement

Friday, 24th May 2024


10 young people combine paid work and training in gardening and infrastructure maintenance

The manager of the public services company Calvià 2000, Andreu Barceló, and the manager of the  Instituto de Formación y Ocupación DE Calvià (IFOC), Fernando Palmer, have formalised this Friday a collaboration protocol aimed at promoting the practical training of job seekers and /or training in the facilities managed by Calvià 2000. This agreement, framed in the Corporate Social Responsibility policies of Calvià 2000, aims to improve the employability of the citizens of the municipality. For this purpose, Calvià 2000 will temporarily allow using specific areas of its facilities, such as garden areas of the treatment plants, for carrying out training practices.

The agreement establishes a cooperation framework for carrying out internships integrated into training courses offered by IFOC, particularly in areas such as gardening and infrastructure maintenance. This initiative seeks to provide a practical training experience in real environments, thus improving the training of participants. According to the manager of IFOC, Fernando Palmer: “they are mixed programmes in which 10 students participate, where there is a part that is training and another part that is employment. That is to say, it is like a dual training, more or less they dedicate 50% to what is work with internships, for which it has a remuneration and the other and the other 50% because with teachers and directors who give them the specific training of the work they are developing.”

Furthermore, the collaboration will contribute to the promotion of the job offer in the municipality, highlighting the opportunities offered by the infrastructures managed by Calvià 2000 SA. According to its manager, Andrés Barceló: “the guys come every two weeks to do the maintenance of all the facilities of the Santa Ponça treatment plant, although our company has facilities around the entire municipality where it is necessary to replant in green areas, pruning, care of plants, of green barriers...”. Calvià 2000 will provide the necessary supplies for the activities, including water, energy and other specific materials, as agreed in each project. Prior to the start of the internship, the public company will offer a training talk on occupational health and safety, standards of behaviour and use of the facilities. This training is crucial to ensure that students operate under maximum safety conditions.