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Special action against theft on beaches

Tuesday, 28th May 2024

Special action against theft and robbery on Calvià beaches: six detainees and crime deterrence

Plainclothes officers and uniformed units of the Local Police have been monitoring and acting since the beginning of the season

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Action against theft and forceful robberies on the beaches of Calvià. The Local Police of the municipality renews efforts to guarantee the safety of beach users, both tourists and residents. In the middle of May, at the beginning of the season already underway, Police operations have focused on stopping criminal activity on the beaches and deterring thieves to make them understand that their activity will not go unpunished in Calvià.

The first deputy mayor of the municipality and person in charge of Security, Esperanza Catalá, explained that "just as we started last year, we have redoubled our efforts to guarantee safety on our beaches. Those who believe that they can come to Calvià to rob bathers and that their crime will go unpunished are wrong. We take this issue very seriously. Our tolerance for crime is zero. Thousands of people enjoy our municipality, many others work here to become a tourist reference, and we cannot allow a handful of undesirables to destroy all that.

In recent days, six people have been arrested for robbery with force. Plainclothes agents of the Local Police – which began acting last year – arrested a group that was working in an organized manner in Magaluf and that was under surveillance. The four detainees are men of Algerian nationality, aged 18,19,20 and 29 years old. On the other hand, uniformed agents hunted two more thieves in Cala Comtessa (in the Illetes area). On this occasion it was two Moroccan men, one 19 years old and the other under 15.

One of the most effective assets against robberies and other illegal activities has been the plainclothes agents who entered service last year. In fact, Calvià Town Hall is working on the necessary authorization from the Government Delegation to expand the number of officers, which is currently four. «We have a staff of almost 200 people in the Calvià Police, they have demonstrated their professionalism and effectiveness, we can go even further and achieve new achievements by increasing the plainclothes team. We hope that the Government Delegation is open to our request and allows us to increase the number of plainclothes agents," Catalá concluded.