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Summer face-to-face training programmes

Tuesday, 4th June 2024


The IFOC offers courses and redoubles efforts in the training and skills training of both, young and unemployed people and those people seeking to improve their CV
Juan Antonio Amengual, Manuel Mas and Fernando Palmer's Audio       Video on YouTube: https://youtu.be/lLx4qlHkZ3g
There is no respite in the different training programmes promoted by the IFOC (Employment and Training Institute of Calvià). This summer, various face-to-face courses are held in which mostly young people prepare for their future work. Currently, training is provided in hairdressing, mechanics, gardening, forestry tasks, physical activity instructors... The face-to-face training, which totals about 200 people, is intended in its different modalities for unemployed young people, the long-term unemployed, and people who seek to improve their training. To all this we must add the online courses that also last during the summer season.
Juan Antonio Amengual, mayor of the municipality, has visited various centres where he works on training - such as the IFOC headquarters in Palmanova, the Son Ferrer cultural centre, the Magaluf sports centre or the Puig de Sa Morisca 42-hectare museum, archaeological and natural complex—, together with the deputy mayor responsible for Training, Manuel Mas, the manager of the IFOC, Fernando Palmer, and several councillors from the municipal government team. Amengual wanted to convey his gratitude to students and teachers: «a work axis is being created so that people can have the maximum independence possible. "It is wonderful to see the motivation of students and teachers."
Fernando Palmer has insisted on the concept of labour independence: «training is the tool to take control of your life. A trained and prepared person is free, we want Calvià citizens to be owners of their lives depending only on themselves. Manuel Mas has summarised the IFOC's objectives as "training, guiding and entrepreneurship": "to guarantee a training place for citizens willing to do so is our priority. We hope to go further, grow and offer more options.

In this training line, Calvià Town Hall and the UGT and CCOO unions signed an agreement on 10th May so that the municipality's workers can see their work experience recognised. This will allow employees with years of experience to see their experience recognised. Workers in the services and tourism sector and also in other professions may benefit.