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The inspiration to create a network of coastal practises as a forum for the development and interchange of information, is a necessity to improve the cooperation between the coastal regions and the municipalities of the U:E: and to improve the effectiveness of political coastal instruments. The aims of this network are:

  1. Help to establish a network of cooperation and interchange of information between planners, managers and other investigators at a European level, whose main object is to study the coasts.
  2. Support  the interregional exchange giving the most useful information on sustainable tourism, coastal erosion, management of beaches by means of an integrated focus. 

We would like to create the following products:


  • A multilanguage webpage.
  • Electronic informative and multilanguage bulletins, that collect together local cases and situations relating to the project.


  • A Webpage translated into 6 lanuages which will include:
    • An information system containing the most experienced practices.
    • International Quality Labels for tourist destinations.
    • A multilanguage guide for the management of beaches and coastal erosion.
    • Technical tools (software).
    • A database of projects of Integral Management of the Coastline and an electronic assistance station.
  • Workshops and International Conferences: The workshops are thematic working groups where the interested members interchange experiences.  During the period of July 2004 and December 2006, 10 workshops organized by different members will take place and three international conferences. Calvia Town Hall will attend three working groups and the three international conferences.

In this project 21 members and 11 different countries will take part: The Netherlands, Denmark, Great Britain, Greece, Portugal, Polond, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Ireland (administrations, government institutions,  investigation centres, universities and ONGs).

Calvia is taking part in this project presenting as the main instrument of the coastal management of our municipality Agenda Local 21 and the  Plan de Gestión Integral de la Costa de Calviá. Together with  different activities, projects, trial experiences and suggestions:


  • Calvia: European winter.
  • Cushioning Plan.
  • Integral Plan of awareness and participation in environmental issues and in sustainable development.
  • Sustainable management of the natural water resources.
  • Recover the historical heritage. Cultural and natural.
  • Boost the integral rehabilitation of the populated nuclei both residencial and tourist.
  • Improve the public transport system and favour displacements on foot or by bicycle both between and inside the populated nuclei.
  • Introduce a sustainable management in the key environmental sectors: water, energy y waste materials.
  • Form town-planning eco-responsible in the new constructions.


  • Management of Beaches System.
  • Manual of good practices for the conservation of the coastline.
  • Coastwatch.
  • Campaigns for cleansing the sea bed.
  • Decrease of the human impact in the coastal areas of ecological interest.
  • Declaration for the protection of the coasts at risk of enviromental degradation.  Marine reserves.
  • Erosion of the beaches. On the subject of coastal erosion, Calvia will give its experience on the placing of artificial barriers on the beach of Santa Ponsa, to prevent sand loss through eolith action.