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Logotipo Ayuntamiento de Calvia
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Key links

66 youths are trained with Calvià scholarships

Decoration to Inspector Aguareles

Initial Qualification Programmes (PCI)

Check the scheduled activities

The ''Balear'' in the Calvià Marine Reserves

Digital Citizen Attention Office

Prior appointment municipal sports facilities

Informative note from the Local Police of Calvià

Agreements with social entities

Online celebration of the Festes rei En Jaume 2020

Informative note from the Local Police of Calvià

Increase in grants at the start of the school year

Training courses for the unemployed begin

Educational centres cleaning reinforcement

Rei En Jaume 2020 awards ceremony

Extraordinary housing rental aids

Informative note from the Local Police of Calvià

Check the health information news

Agreement to support entrepreneurs

The Festes del rei En Jaume 2020 are cancelled

Regional Ministry of Education information

UBS Calvià temporarily moves to CS Santa Ponça

Llar residents are rehoused

Informative note from the Local Police of Calvià

Informative Note from the Local Police of Calvià

Period to apply for Calvià Scholarships is open

Make contributions to the Climate Action Plan

New provisional mobile MOT location in Calvià

Covid-19 housing rental aid lists

Visit to premises lent to C. de la Calma AAVV

Check the planned activities

Informative note from the Local Police of Calvià

Peguera temporary mobile MOT station information

Self employed aids: IFOC enables support classroom

Calvià remembers Diego and Carlos

Agreement to provide free prescription glasses

Modification of the Municipal Noise Ordinance

Informative note from the Local Police of Calvià

Premises assignment to the A. V. Costa de la Calma

Selected works rei En Jaume Awards 2020

Aids for self-employed: find out about procedures

Process for promoting Participation & Volunteering

Informative Note from the Local Police of Calvià

Recovery Plan Follow-up Table Constitution

Municipal Information Covid-19

Social and political agreement for reactivation

Biodibal agreement between Town Hall and UIB

Call to apply plots in kitchen garden allotments

Beaches: Calvià obtains 15 Q quality flags

Calvià Police closes an illegal party

IBI tax postponement to the productive sector

Productive sector rubbish tax recalculation

Informative Note from the Local Police of Calvià

Free bus service for 'Selectividad'

Calvià begins door-to-door rubbish collection

Galatzó Skate Park opening

Ten patrol cars renew the police fleet

Aid for self-employed workers agreement signature

Tourism Promotion Plan presented

Calvià 2000 pilot plan on Covid-19

Informative Note from the Local Police of Calvià

Trade aids call due to Covid-19

Smart Tourist Destinations Plenary Commission

Press release on blue and Q for Quality flags

Information note from the Local Police of Calvià

Minute's silence in memory of the Covid-19 victims

World Environment Day in Calvià

IFOC courses for shops and restaurants

The lifeguard service at beaches has been expanded

Novelties for the 2020-2021 school year

Posidonia campaign presented in Calvià

New aids for rental housing due to Covid-19

Minute's silence in memory of the Covid-19 victims

Informative note from the Local Police of Calvià

New municipal online procedures

Nurseries reopening on 8th June


Eight establishments fined in the state of alarm

The Town Hall informs neighbourhood entities

22 people end the Visibles programme

1.226 administrative reports for disobedience

Meetings to agree on the reactivation plan

Covid-19: Care and Support plan for the elderly

New support service for self-employed inquiries

248 reports filed for disobedience last week

Rules for walking and physical activities

Protection on public transport

Kitchen gardens: new schedules and shifts Covid-19

Measures to break the digital gap between students

 IES Bendinat thanks the Calvià Police


Declaration to request the use of remnant funds

Agreement to waive political group allocations

Agreement to work on a recovery plan

 'Talent Calvià' competition shows

AMT meeting with the Minister for Tourism

Include your establishment in the Locator

The Plenary Session approves Covid-19 measures

Covid:700 reports filed in Calvià for disobedience

23rd April: Online World Book Day in Calvià

Covid-19: Neighbourhood associations' solidarity

Meetings with Calvià tourism business associations

Calvià 2000: New cleaning-disinfection routes

New IFOC service to support self-employed workers

Calvià Town Hall remove the boat stranded on beach


Local Police guarantees street controls

Budget increase for social emergency

Solidarity actions in Calvià's primary sector

Coordination to give social support on the street

Call for rei En Jaume 2020 Awards

Galatzó Trail postponed

Galatzó estate follow-up commission

Nightlife work group meeting

Informative session for neighborhood entities

Tourism promotion measures of Mallorca

Pioneer energy production system

Presentation of Mallorca Live Festival 2020

Mayor of Calvià and Government Delegate Meeting

Galatzó mills restoration works visit

Calvià Children's Council Meeting

Meeting with IBANAT on the Galatzó public estate

Palmira beach seafront renewal

Control of building discipline on rustic land

Sa Rua de Calvià 2020

Santa Ponça nursery comprehensive renewal

Works and Services Plan Agreement Signing

Neula Parc collection delivery to social entities

Grants delivery to Calvià athletes

Galatzó skate track works visit

Nightlife Worktable Meeting

Puig de sa Morisca Archaeological Park Museum

Meeting with Mobility of the Consell de Mallorca

Walk for Memory and tribute

Book about the history of transport in Calvià

Start of the Climate Action Plan drafting

Visit to the IFOC Centre in Son Ferrer

Calvià says NO to gender violence

Agreement to improve selective collection

Farewell to Calvià Civil Guard Captain

Vehicle control campaign

Nightlife Workgroup Meeting

Cycling routes signage

Calvià at Fitur - Delegation meetings

Calvià Town Hall announcement

Calvià at Fitur - Speech at the Exceltur Forum

Sheep and Goat Fair poster competition

Organic collection rises 10% in 2019

Selection of company personnel at the IFOC

Decree towards improving destination quality

The Galatzó refuge will be tendered shortly

Meeting with the Ministry of Agriculture

Meeting of the mayors of Calvià and Palma

Action plan against the processionary caterpillar

Calvià says NO to gender violence

New police officers take office

New public prices for youth services

Homage to Francoism victims

Great Three Kings Parade 2020

'Fes un clic als Comerços de Calvià vila' contest

The remains of Joan Ferrà Ferrà are confirmed

Trade support campaign 'Regala Calvià'

Data on housing rental aids

New Square of the 'Collidores d'Oliva (1932)'

Photovoltaic solar energy in Calvià 2000

Challenge Peguera, best race 2019

Municipal premises for Amnesty International

Vessel removal from places without authorisation

Participatory Budgeting Meeting

Budget project 2020

New bus service improvements presentation

Extension of Santa Ponça Health Centre

III Conference on prostitution and trafficking

Calvià Nightlife Worktable

Entrepreneurs accelerator programme's closure

Paseo Calvià autonomous section reception

The Visibles SOIB programme 2019-2020 is presented

'Biblioigualtat' and accesion to 'Reacció' pact

Day of the Local Police of Calvià 2019

Na Burguesa reforestation

Local Police Viogén Division awarded

Agreement to build the new day centre

Grants call for athletes

V Local Police of Calvià Charity Race

The III Chidhood Council is established

'HG Soccer Club' U-10 and U-12 football tournament

Calvià manor estates old documents donation

'Calvià, el invierno europeo' programme

The 'Llar' begins to use a therapy with dogs

Information sheets against gender violence

More than 272,000 euros in scholarships

Costa de la Calma sludge plant information meeting

400,000 euro Government investment in Calvià

Calvià at the WTM tourist fair in London

Fight radicalism through sport

The SOIB's 'Jove-Qualificats' programme ends

Training for municipal urban garden users

Calvià Tourism Forum Meeting

Intergenerational meetings in the Llar

Calvià coast protection measures

The MOT of Calvià closer to being a reality

Second travel bloggers meeting

Heemeryck and Kahlefeldt win the Challenge

British journalists visit the Galatzó estate

Recycle glass in solidarity

Greek tortoise release in Galatzó

Calvià joins Writers' Day

Alfonso Rodríguez and Catalina Cladera meet

Towards an Employment Plan for the municipality

Calvià International Chess Festival

Sustainable development meeting with the Consell

Calvià and CIM talk about Youth and Participation

Calvià says NO to gender violence

Grand children's solidarity party Dia de Nassos 19

The volume of reclaimed water for irrigation grows

Agreement to clean-up torrents

Meeting at the Housing Ministry

Handover and opening of new urban gardens

Mayor meets the president of the Govern

Agreement with Fundació Deixalles

Proposal to deny licence in protected area

Renewal of Punta Nadala square

Measures for C. de la Calma's sludge plant

Annoucement regarding Punta Ballena's fights

ONCE lottery ticket for rei En Jaume Festivities

The rei En Jaume Festivities' Cross event

BeCalvià and Projecta't train 30 young people

Memorial for Diego Salvá and Carlos Sáenz

Presentation of 'Entorn' magazine

Civil Guard Office in the centre of Magaluf

Appointment of the new head of the local Police

Fines to pirate taxi drivers in Calvià

Three tourists fined for doing 'balconing'

Partyboat fined

'Return Trip' - Choose a return ticket

Large influx at Calvià's II Job Fair

Campaign against alcohol sales to minors

Agreement to end party boats

Crackdown on alcohol sales to minors

 Meeting to analyse recent cases of people plunged

Coexistence rules informative campaign

Alcohol limits information campaign

Fines increase against drunkenness tourism

Ban on alcohol display enters into force

Public Tenders

Bus Timetable